If you’re looking for a comprehensive vacation and get bored with common travel destinations, Philippines could be what you’re looking for. Basically, you can find anything in the Philippines including eligible foods, affordable prices, friendly people, festivals, cultures, natures, and many more. Millions of people around the world have visited the Philippines but it’s just weird to know that the country is less popular than other South East Asian countries.
Philippines has many travel destinations. No matter how hard we try to narrow them, we couldn’t press them fewer than 10. But for now, we’ll share top 5 Philippines travel destinations you can consider for your vacation.


Bohol is the most favorite travel destination in the Philippines for sure due to stunning beaches. Bohol is certainly a diving paradise due to clean and clear water. It’s also home to the smallest primate in the world called Tarsier. Don’t leave Bohol without visiting Chocolate Hills which is the mandatory destination of most travel packages.


First of all, it’s home to one of World’s Natural Wonders, The Puerto Princesa Underground River. Second, Palawan has the best diving spot and incredible resorts across the area. There are tons of adventure and water sports activities you can take in Palawan.


Cebu is a comprehensive travel destination in the Philippines for sure. Here, you can enjoy the adventure, culture trips, beautiful virgin beaches, and of course, premium stays. Cebu is the most popular among the honeymooners and private vacationers.


Baguio is well-known for its cool and pleasant weather, something rare you can find in common tropical areas. It makes your vacation in the Philippines more enjoyable without feeling uncomfortable. You can enjoy your holidays in Baguio by visiting its beautiful botanical gardens, Camp John Hat, Burnham Park, and other parks.

Camarines Sure

If you’re a die-hard fan of watersports and want to make your vacation full with them, then Camarines Sure is where you should go in the Philippines. There is no better place than Camarines Sure for surfing, paddling, boat competition, and many more. There will be a lot of people during the summer for valid reasons.

Consider these travel destinations whenever you plan a trip or purchase a travel package to the Philippines. You can fairly enjoy all of these destinations if you have seven days to spend in the Philippines but it would be different if you take a tour package.