Why Should Choose Mauritius Villas Directly On The BeachAre you looking for a holiday house? Why not choose one directly located on the beach? In addition to getting a panoramic view over the ocean, you can bathe in a peaceful environment, away from any noise. The Mauritius accommodations situated directly on the white sandy beaches attract tourists because of the absolute relaxation they offer. To get an offer in line with your needs and your budget, request for a free quotation. This can be done free of charge on the Isla-Mauricia website. You can also take advice from one of our online advisor to get an instant response.

The beach villas have the advantage of providing exclusive services, such as chef, access to the tropical garden and the beach. Many of the Mauritius luxury villas are located beach-front near the hotels, allowing the inhabitants of the house to join the activities of the neighbouring hotel. Water activities, such as snorkelling are easily accessible. You can also choose to join the restaurants of the nearby hotel. The beach villas are in most cases offered on a self-catering basis or with breakfast. You can, in addition, request for a personal cook who will prepare meals according to your preferences. It is also an opportunity to learn the Mauritian cuisine.

Beach-front Villas: Why go for it?

A holiday house is often chosen, if not always, according to the preferences of the family. So, if you are looking for a holiday paradise in a villa right on the beach and are also great golf enthusiast, you will undoubtedly go for a Mauritus villa next to a golf course, if such offer is presented to you. You will find such villa in Belle Mare. The golf course is located less than 5 minutes from the villa. In the eastern region, enjoy the greatest golf courses, namely the Saint Geran and Belle Mare Plage Resort. In addition, this villa has the distinction of being in an exclusive area, with only hotels and villas. Peace and security are guaranteed! All are tourists and they all want to thoroughly enjoy the tropical flair generated by the place.

Why Should Choose Mauritius Villas Directly On The BeachWhoever says Mauritius luxury villas directly located on the beach, does not necessarily mean perfect lagoon for swimming. Having a villa by the sea provides much more than the simple satisfaction of swimming. The mere sight of the sea provides welfare. Many beach-front villas do not allow swimming. However, some of them offer a swimming corner in a crystal clear lagoon, a few meters or a 3-minute walk away from the villa. For example, our beach villa at magnificent lagoon in Roches Noires … It reflects the tropical atmosphere and provides stunning views over the ocean, thus bringing a harmonious style.

The beach villas also offer water activities opportunities. Villas located on a large property, with a vast tropical garden, facing a practicable and turquoise blue lagoon can be very attractive. Indeed, the big villa on the east coast of Mauritius with beach and pool, located in Trou d’Eau Douce, faces a turquoise blue sea, perfect for diving or snorkelling. A speedboat and a skipper are available on additional cost.

Would you move in an oasis of tranquillity, with an almost private beach, not easily accessible to others? The beach-front villas are the perfect getaway. Most of them are offered on a self-catering basis and encourage the tropical flair… coconut tree, turquoise sea, tropical garden, deck… Beautiful escape for your holidays! Big family, couples, large group… whatever your family size, we can assist you in your search of a villa by the beach.