Cornwall is situated in the southern most part of UK which automatically makes it a very mild place to be. As the Atlantic Ocean is quite close, gentle sea breeze often makes its appearance. The place has approximately 4.2 hours of sunlight a day which is rather impeccable considering UK’s climates of other places.

Why Cornwall Is A Great Choice For A Bed and Breakfast Business

People love Cornwall for not only its warm weather, but also there are tones of other charm. For instance, Cornwall has several beautiful beaches and in the sunny morning a walk down the beach is all you need! Having crystal clear water, sandy beaches, and the longest coastline in UK, the combination is indeed powerful to resist.

One of the fascinating things about Cornwall that attracts tourists is that there are 150 sandy spots one can choose from. Another eye luring feature is the water sports, which is perfect considering the numerous beaches and the sunny weather. It is safe to say Cornwall is one of the nicest places to hang around with your family and friends and thus every year the place gets paced with tourists from the continent to have their surreal vacation experience.

Cornwall has tones of hotels and B&B’s, but a survey seems to proof that over the years people are more leaning towards the B&B than the average hotels. Why wouldn’t they be? B&B is fun, warm, cozy, gives you a feeling of a home-sweet-home yet it comes in a better form. In addition, B&B gives one the opportunity to pick their favorite theme. The idea is quite simple, they accommodate you for the night and serve you breakfast in bed or in their kitchen whichever is preferable. Some B&B owners go out of the box and arrange breakfast out in the open garden which gives you a royal feeling.  If you are interested in starting a business there then click here to look for some B&B businesses for sale.

The concept of B&B has been in the business since 1980s, but it has found its appraisal during the last decade. People enjoy B&B more and prefer them to fancy hotels. In Cornwall, as tourists pour in like raindrops every year here, the numbers of Bed and Breakfast business is increasing as well. They do not only restrict them-selves into giving their customers a mere bedroom and breakfast in the kitchen in a conventional manner, rather they are taking every steps to reach an authentic space where the customers can find something different and exciting.

Highcliff, Falmouth


Lower Burn, Bouse, Near St Austell


Just by looking at these fabulous results one could determine how much effort that has been given to come up with such intricate designs and cozy settings.

Why Cornwall Is A Great Choice For A Bed and Breakfast Business

Cornwall is filled with visitable places and the additional advantage the place has for weather lures most tourists into visiting the place. People living in Cornwall usually do not apt for holidays outside this place because it is quite a challenge to top this location. With its outdoor theatres, the Cornish Ice-cream, the fabulous beaches, the amazing weather, and the rail ale trail and the water sports, it is indeed seems improbable to find such a nice holiday destination as good as this. So starting B&B business in Cornwall is an absolutely bang on idea because the place never ceases to receive tourists regardless of what season it may be.

Article written and contributed by Perl Watson.