Vacations with the family are fun events that are remembered forever. Many parents struggle with finding the best vacation destinations that will suit each and every member of the family. From Disney World to the mountains or beaches, Hawaii is one location that many families only dream of traveling to. There is something for everyone in Hawaii so it can be a great vacation for families with children. However, there are a few things parents should remember when getting the kids ready for a vacation in Hawaii.

Going on Vacation 5 Tips to Help Your Kids Get Ready for Hawaii


Firstly, parents should prepare the kids for the actual travel. Depending on where the family is coming from, traveling to Hawaii can be incredibly time consuming. Families will need to travel to California or another state on the west coast, first. If a family lives on the east coast, this flight alone will be a few hours long. Once the family does arrive on the west coast, another flight to the actual island of Hawaii will take a few hours, also. Patience is a virtue but most children do not have it. So, parents should teach their children about patience and tell them in advance the travel time will be lengthy.

Swim Lessons

Hawaii is known for it’s beautiful beaches. Many travelers love the area for swimming, snorkeling, boating, and other water activities. While most parents already know how to swim, many children have not mastered the act. Parents should utilize the services of professional swimming lessons to get their kids ready for a Hawaii vacation. website, offers these lessons and many great ways to teach children how to safely enjoy both pools and the ocean. Then, they can have lots of fun with the rest of their family members in Hawaii.

Unique Foods

Hawaii offers a lot of unique things that children may have never seen before. Food is one of these things. Most kids have not tried many local foods that are common in Hawaii. To prepare for a vacation to Hawaii, parents can purchase and prepare some of the local meals and foods at home before the vacation begins. Then, kids can try out these unique tastes before arriving to beautiful Hawaii.


Every vacation requires purchasing a few souvenirs or keepsakes. Buying a few tokens and treasures in Hawaii can be a great way to capture the memories of the family vacation. Unfortunately, these souvenirs can be incredibly expensive. Parents should talk to their kids about spending limits before the trip begins. Parents can also tell the children to save their money a year before the trip to prepare them for the possibility of buying these keepsakes. Kids can earn money all through the year so they will be able to purchase the souvenirs that they want while in Hawaii.

Manners and Customs

Good manners are something every parent should teach their children. However, many kids forget their manners when they are away from home. Before traveling to Hawaii or any other vacation destination, parents should encourage their kids to practice good manners. While there are different cultures and customs in Hawaii, good manners are universal. Parents should reward and reteach good manners each and every day before and during a vacation.

While Hawaii may seem like an entirely different world to children, parents should educate them on where it actually is. Many children are surprised to hear that Hawaii is actually part of the United States. Because it is so unique and different to kids, they feel it is in an entirely different country. A trip to Hawaii is a truly beautiful thing that families will remember forever if it is planned correctly.