People are facing problems at the time taking loans about  mortgaging of loans. Banks and lenders are imposing strict rules for mortgaging the loan. Every one will not have eligible asset to mortgage the loan. Now the people who are not eligible for mortgaging their asset, they can prefer to private lending like, from friends and relatives. This private lending does not have many rules as banks. If we talk about process of mortgaging, banks take 30 and more days to approve the mortgage but in private lending it takes less time compared to banks.

Interest rates are charged higher for private mortgage than other financial institutions. San Francisco Bank provides personal mortgage on owner occupied residential houses, second houses, investment properties etc. San Francisco Bank provides personal mortgage with affordable interest rates.


1. In case of taking loans from financial institutions the value of mortgaged asset should be more than the loan amount, many financial institutions would provide loan of 50% – 80% of value of mortgaged asset. But in case of private mortgage, the private lenders do not consider the value of asset mortgage, but have to pay a higher amount of down payment and also they would not consider about the income for providing loan.

2.  Process of mortgaging loan will take long process in every financial institutions due to more formalities to mortgage a loan, where as in private lending process will be immediate as they do not have any conditions for processing of mortgaging. San Francisco Bank provides personal mortgage service in considerable time compared to other financial institutions which would take 30 days or more and San Francisco Bank will charge affordable down payment rates.

3. There are fixed terms & conditions which in mortgaging service provided by financial institutions, which cannot be altered after once accepted for agreement. In personal mortgaging as we borrow loan from family & relatives and private lenders, the conditions can be altered like loan term years can be extended if it is not possible to pay.

It would be beneficial to make personal mortgage in many ways, but sometimes it would become very bad situations due to non repayments of principal and interest amounts, as we lend from private lenders and there would be no agreement in some cases. San Francisco Bank provides best services by affordable interest rates an, loan term period, adjustable loan rates and they have made concept of agreement for security reasons