A great misconception that most people, particularly most successful people harbor is that they have achieved everything in their life by their own merits. In the daze of luxurious things and successes, people forget their creator, the focus of life shifts from the Creator to the Created. But the truth is that without God it is not possible for even one hair of your head to move, this is what the Holy Bible preaches.

God was, is and will be above everything and without his approval nothing good can happen in your life, it is hence that the need to be with God and near God is so important. Being closer to God helps you remember your roots, where you come from and where you will go. The Biblical verses that the Westside Family Church strictly believe and follow are the greatest companion one can have. There might come numerous instances in your life where you feel completely lost and cannot find the answer; but the Bible will always give you an answer that you will find perfect.

Of course staying nearer to God does not becoming overtly religious and sitting and praying all the time; instead it means believing and following all the things that Jesus, the Son of God taught. Loving others exactly the way you love yourself is what Jesus calls everyone to do. It might sound difficult, but if you can manage to do it, you will not find anything insufficient for yourself and at the same time an urge to help others who are in need.

The members of the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS are those who have found this bliss in their lives as they have dedicated their time and energy to spread the Good News of Christ by serving the needy people. They help the AIDS and HIV patients along with the homeless people, abandoned children, and the starving masses in Africa, Thailand/Laos, and India. They believe that to live a life in close proximity to God is to live closely with the humble and poor; because Jesus came for the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the naked, and the homeless. It is by helping uplift the lives of others that you uplift your spiritual life.

Of course, the material things are needed for survival but it should never become the other way round where you survive merely for these material things. It is then that all connection with the Creator is lost and people forget to let God control their lives. Respect for life and other things are lost and, this is precisely the reason that the present situation of hatred, killing and homicide are so rampant.

God gave life to each individual free of cost and all He asks for in return is gratitude and love which can be displayed by showing compassion for the needy and deprived people around you. Hence, be kind and of service to the needy and find yourself closer to God and living a joyful life.