The quality of shirts you are planning to buy will largely be determined by one factor – and that is size.  As many fashion experts will tell you, a shirt that fits is worth more than ten that don’t. That is just how important fitting is. A lot of people however don’t know how to buy the right fit. Most buy shirts, try them out and see which one works and which one doesn’t. This wastes a lot of time and money. If you are planning to buy shirts anytime soon, then it is very important to know some of the simple tips you can explore in order to ultimately buy the right fit. Here are some tips to help you out:

Start By Checking The Shoulder Seam

The shoulder seams are designed based on the size of the shirt. If you want to know whether a given shirt will fit or not, start by trying out the shoulder seams. Ideally, the seams should rest perfectly at the edge of your shoulders. If the seams for the shirts you are buying are either under or over the edge of your shoulder, then it means they are not the right size and you should look further for another shirt.

Move to The Buttons

The buttons can also tell you whether the shirt you are buying will fit or not. Ideally, buttons should be easy to close. In addition to this, they should not pull the fabric with them. Closed button should remain intact without affecting the fabric. If you find that it is taking more effort to close buttons than normal, you’ll need to get a bigger shirt. In addition to this, if the buttons when closed are pulling the fabric, it means the shirt is so mall for you.

Check the Collar

You need to also make sure that the shirt you are buying won’t strangle you. There is a basic test to see whether the shirt is the right fit for your collar. Just take two fingers and try to fit them between the shirt collar and your neck. If the fingers can’t fit, it means the shirt is too tight. If you can fit two fingers and there is still some space for two more, it means the shirt is big for you.

Check the Sleeves

The sleeves should rest right at the wrist. If you are finding that the shirt is extending beyond the wrist, it means it’s big. In addition to this, if the sleeves are too short to reach the wrists, it means the shirt is small and perhaps you may need to try another.  Make sure the shirt is also not too tight on the sleeves just to give you more comfort.

Buying the right fit when it comes to shirts does not need to be hard and looking at the basic tips above, there is no reason why you should buy an overly big or small shirt. Visit for the latest high quality shirts.