Do you know that having good writing skills can earn you impressive amount of money? In this modern world, everyone has an equal chance of making some money if they know the right way to earn. That is why people are switching towards one of the most growing industry which is educational writing or academic writing. Academic writing is a unique style of writing which is commonly used by the researchers to express their field related work in words form. Academic writing is not as simple as our regular day writing or the way I am writing this article right now. It is a particular way of writing which includes only formal tone, use of third person only, to the point with a clear focus on the topic and the selection of very precise words. Academic writing was formed to convey the meaning of the compound words of the professions like law, medical, engineering, etc.

Aspects of Academic Writing:

Academic writing or educational writing has many aspects which make it different from other styles of writing. Although this style of writing varies from profession to profession. However, all of this variation of academic writing have some common aspects which I have compiled in this blog.

Work as a Funnel: A good piece of academic writing should work like the funnel which leads the readers towards the conclusion of the report. Academic writing should be robust and possess the logical ideas which connect with the other part of your writing too. The academic writer should be skilled enough to attract the eye of the reader and lead it towards the conclusion by building a bridge of narrative links between the lines and paragraphs with official words that describe the whole idea.

The Tone: As the word “academic” suggests, the tone of academic writing should be as formal as it could be. However, to maintain a formal tone, words are not enough. Your idea of writing should be formal too. For example, when presenting any view against your research, you have to describe that picture accurately and have to keep your biases away from it. As an academic writer, he or she have to do his research from the most authentic source and must know how to use the neutral words while describing it with great confidence.

Language: To keep your reader away from any distractions, clear use of language with good structural paragraphs and clear topic sentences should be used in academic writing. Your writing should be so precise and on the spot that the reader can understand it all by reading it only once. Most importantly, avoid vague expressions like the collective nouns, abbreviations and contracted words.


When someone says that I am an educational writer, the people start speculating is that this guy would use to spend his nights surrounded by the books and the laptop to writes thousands of words per day for his or her clients which by the way is entirely wrong. Conversely, educational writers enjoy the different styles of writing consignments like writing for corporate companies, creating lesson plans content for explaining videos etc.