After Read this Blog your confusion will be fines. I Have Below 40 home buy techniques for new homebuyesrs. I have many years of experions in Real Estate so that i will suggest you where and which focus. After the end of this Article you can find your dream home without any confusion.

  1. AppsIf you use smart Phone so you can Install Apps for search best home New homebuyers also keep in mind one point Apps will not always true, MagicBricks and Rent or buy a home are best tool for find best property.
  1. Money – Compare Prices of each home or flats, prices of homes will change according to country location like in Wadala Mumbai you can buy home in just 15Lakh, 35 to 40 Lakh in Delhi, 33 Lakh in Bangalore.
  1. Insurance – “New homebuyers must be check home Insurance before buy home.”
  1. Location – Some homebuyers live luxury life so location of home must be luxury for those people.
  1. Transport – transport connectivity take very important role in comfort life, 24 hour transport service make more comfort and will change New home buyers living life.
  1. Pre Launch – Pre launch project is any other good option for new homebuyers. Godrej group, Shapoorji Group and SD Corp Group are some best real estate group of India. These group going to their pre launch project in different citys of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Noida, Greater Noida and more, each group project name as Shapoorji Pallonji Greater Noida, SD Corp Dadar and Godrej Shivaji Nagar. Best scenario to buy pre launch home, before launch project flats price will very low after complated project rate of flats will increase very fast so this is advantage of pre launch project Homebuyers buy home on cheap price.
  1. Luxury Features – Choice luxury features home before compare price.
  1. Friend Advice – Some time friend advice will help you meet your friend who recently buy home you can meet them and get idea.
  1. Attraction of Place – Place attraction is any other good thing which can help you choice nice home.
  2. Malls- Keep in mind, if you like wondering and you like shoping so you may find home where too many big malls already located like Delhi DLF Mall, Mumbai R-City Mall, Bangalore Garuda Mall and Noida GIP Mall.

40 Tips For New Homebuyers It Will Change Your Think

  1. Airport – If you are a business and sports man, and you visit to foreign countries so you must be find home near by airport.
  1. Railway Station – train will best option for local connectivity.
  1. National and Internation Game Playing Area – Some place are very popular were already many National and International playing area situated. These homes prices very high so if you have already good investment so it will be good option for you.
  1. Increase Relation with Developers – You can increase relation or you can find developers who comes in your relation.
  1. Choose Best Home Dellar – You can contact best home dealer of the city they will suggest you best property of your dream location.
  1. Room Length – 625 sq.ft length feet for long 1 bhk flats same like 850sq ft for 2 bhk and 1200sq ft for 3 bhk flats, so you can compare now flats area.

40 Tips For New Homebuyers It Will Change Your Think

  1. Beauty Of Home – greeness place, luxury window, high quality home stuff, shining stones which makes your home more strong for the earthquake new home buyers also keep in mind this point for new home.
  1. Home Stuff Quality – Before buy home you need to know about home stuff like iron quality, wall quality and more it will protect your home from earthquake.
  1. Keep patient – Do Not take quick desegone keep cool.
  1. Be aware – Not every single statement of home seller.
  1. Do not ignore the quality of Home – You cannot avoid home quality. Home stuff must be very strong new home buyers should not avoid it.
  1. Goal – Your goal should very clear
  1. Vision – Same like your vision must be very clear as well as.
  1. Police – Read carefully home police some home seller can sell you home with fraud papers.
  1. Pollution free location – New HomeBuyers can buy property outside the pollution area. Alone area will good for your health and mind.
  1. Choice greenness place – New Homebuyers can buy home at greenness places.
  1. Read agreement papers carefully – New Home Buyers keep in mind do not singh on the amount cheque before raed agreement papers.
  1. Amenities – New Home Buyers do not buy home amenities less properties.
  1. Be Cool – Keep cool at the moment when you go to buy property.
  2. Focus on Quality not quantity – Do not focus on properties quantity like big home, keep focus only quality.
  1. The hunt – New HomeBuyers do not act like hunt before buy home read above information.
  2. Search sites – You can serach your dream home on real estate website like 99acres, magicbricks, makaan and more
  1. Open houses – Open house lookes more beautiful new homebuyers keep in mind for more see image.

40 Tips For New Homebuyers It Will Change Your Think


  1. Find a great agent – Find great agent of your city he/she can suggest you best property of your city.
  1. Check out the neighborhood – If new home buyers are thinking buy homes in busiest place of the city so please check neighborhood of the place.
  1. Be open-minded – Open minded person easily can meeting to home sellers and get information about homes.
  1. Buyer burn-out – Search location for home burn out free location.
  2. Original seller – Buy home only from original home seller do not frome any agent.
  3. Find Best Apartment – New homebuyers buy only best apartment, for search best apartment you can follow above tips.

    40. New HomeBuyers can follow these 39 tips before buy home. Hope this article will help you if any question come into your                   mind so please comment in comment box i try to give you best answer.