Figuring out whether a guy likes you can be confusing and frustrating and one ay get the wrong intentions only to end up heartbroken. When you try to analyze his text, messages, replay the interactions you have had with him, cling to his compliments or kisses you may not see some red flags as girls are often clouded by emotions. You may end up viewing your relationship from a position of wishful thinking or self-deception.

Luckily, there are few effective strategies you can employ in evaluating whether the guy likes you.

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

The guy initiates conversations

A guy that loves you will not make you wonder. When guys are interested in you they will try to strike up conversations or even reach to you if you are not in the same location. Guys try to get your attention by finding excuses to talk to you. If a guy does not demonstrate interest in speaking to you or he cuts conversations short to make an exit, this may be a clear sign that he does not really love you.

He listens to you and remembers what you say in details

When guys like you, they will never get enough of you. If a guy enquires about you and your life or even shows genuine interest in you and what you like there is a possibility that he is investing in you. A good sign to tell is a guy likes you is if he remembers details of things you told him. He will also be interested in sharing details about himself especially the good parts in an attempt to impress you.

Body language cues

A guy will always show how he feels about you from his body language cues. Some of the body language cues you can check out for is if he maintains eye contact, keeps pointing his feet towards you, is he leans in when talking to you. A guy who likes you may also try to find ways to touch you like accidentally brushing your arm or even putting his hand on you when talking. If a guy avoids eye contact, does not encourage conversation does not volunteer information about himself or tries to position his body from you, this may be a red flag that e is not that into you.

Acts differently around you

Guys tend to act differently when a girl they like is around. They may seem nervous, tone down, a little flustered or even shy. If a guy behaves differently when he is around you that with other people, then this is a sign that might be holding you in different regard. Beware that some guys tend to have flirty personalities and you may get the wrong signal thinking they they are into you only to end up frustrated when he does not return your texts or answer your calls. More signs that a guy likes you find in college gap year advices.

Introduces you to his friends and family

A guy who likes you will be very interested in introducing you to his friends and family members. You can notice how his friends act around you. You may notice his friends making fun of him just to see his reaction because he likes you. On the other hand, if his friends do not treat you with respect theta could be a sign that the guy does not hold you in high regard.

While there are many signs that a guy likes you, these are the most effective ones in assessing if he is really into you. You can now make an informed decision on whether a guy likes you and suitable decisions accordingly. Good luck.

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