Making Your Child Smarter

As a parent you want the best for your child. You want them to do well in school, to be successful, and to be happy. But what if you could help your child to be smart? What if someone could show you how to raise your child into a little math genius? Skills, like math, can be trained, and children are always learning so it makes sense to help then learn academic skills that will help them in school.

Don’t waste time

Children learn through play, both directed play and free play are great educational tools. Screen time can be used to learn, but a lot of screen time is wasteful. Time watching television should be limited and any television should be family orientated. You could use television time as a family event, and limit it to once a week.

Computer time, on the other hand, can be useful. Computers are a skill that is necessary for modern day living, and there are so many websites that can help your child learn math, and other subjects like science and English. You should probably monitor which sites your children are using, because some have non educational games that become quite addictive. Even educational computer time can make your child too entranced, so watch for signs and end the computer time.

Exploring and Learning

The best way for any cild to learn at home is through books. There’s a difference between pushing a child to learn, and giving free access to age appropriate educational books. For younger children, there is a wide range of educational picture books, and as your child grows, his reading materials grow with him. Once your child can read well, then you can start pushing, and because you have limited his access to television, you can use books, not only as a source of education, but as a source of entertainment.

Logic Games

Logic games encourage your child to think, and you can get more involved with this, because it’s a game. You could try doing some Sherlock Holmes type deductions when you’re out. Look at a house, and try to deduce who lives in it using he clues around it, toys in the yard could mean that children live there, a kennel would mean that there’s a dog.


One of the best things any parent could ever do for their child is to let them accomplish things by themselves. These chores should be age appropriate, but letting your child do things for themselves gives them a sense of achievement and encourages them to think about how best to complete the task.


You should teach your child that they can do anything. If they fail at a task, they should re-think about how it would be best accomplished. If they fail a test, they need to study a little more. You’re driving home the message that if they work hard enough then nothing is impossible.

How to raise your child to be a little math genius

Essentially, it’s possible to make any child a math genius, or a genius in any subject, read more about it in Trigonometric Equations Study Guide. It really boils down to very simple things. You need to make your child truly believe that anything is achievable as long as they have the confidence to try. You need to limit the distractions of wasteful television and computer time.

You need to offer your child as many books as they can read, at age appropriate levels. You need to encourage your child to practice. Practicing any skill will increase the talent in that skill, so to raise a math genius, put in a good groundwork through the other step, and practice math.

This article was prepared by StudyFAQ Community.