Why do we need fashionable partition walls? These newly invented operable walls are much in demand now a days and useful in many ways. Though office or home or even in party celebration, these special walls acts as a best and attractive convenient walls to use. It comes in cheap rate too and everyone can buy it. If you are not in favour of buying, you can hire the same if you need for shorter duration. There are many number of companies who provide high quality and durable walls of various designs. This helps people to spend a quality time alone apart from the nearby environment.

These operable partitions are called by several names like folding or movable walls, flat panels, and even room dividers. It helps in maintaining the standard of your home to obtain best quality, durability, auditory separation, and comfort of movement once applied in a place you want. Operable walls are just an effective and decorative way to add adjustability and functionality to your area.

Do you know how does it look and what does it consist? These partitions mainly consist of a chain of interlocking plain panels designed in custom widths. Bit note that every walls are specially designed containing different width and design as customer want. These width are attached from overhead tracks. Its height may also differ but minimum 5 to 6 inches tall panels are used in convention centers.

Operable walls come in three different configurations you must know. Below has been described about all three in detail just for your knowledge. You can use these configurations singly or combinedly to create the flexibility and adjustability needed. These partition walls can also be mixed with company related walls containing specially designed products.

  • Paired Panels:- These type of walls are meant for division between wall to wall and encloses the whole area. The panels are hanged in pairs and are operated in a normal way. If you want you can close the opening or place pairs easily of the panels along the overhead track. If you do this display panels or sight dividers becomes easier to use. These type of panels are highly recommendable when you need to set up in emergency that means fast for example in classrooms for students convenience, meeting rooms for serious meeting and training centers or hospitals.
  • Single Panels:- These type of panels are also called as omni-directional or individual panels. It can be easily handled and operated manually. It is set such that we get extra space for higher room flexibility. Track present in this panel helps to identify angles and division between them. Due to this it can be moved to different area easily. You can also find curved and self- sorting track systems engraved in it. These types panels are higher in demand mainly in places like  hotel ballrooms and meeting rooms etc.
  • Continuously Hinged Panels:- These type of panels are also said as trains because it looks like a chain of track. These are hinged together and can be moved in a straight line from wall to wall. Keyed switches are attached to it and these panels are used in  school gymnasiums, hotel ballrooms etc.

There are many more to know about operable walls. You can learn them and use them too.