Overtime, Hvar Island has become a preferred and cherished vacation spot. This queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands is famous for its rich historical periods, cultural and natural monuments literature as well as strategic and nautical positioning. The island is blessed with mild climate, warm summers and mild winters, and immaculate blue sea with exceptionally rich nightlife and seductive cuisines that puts it among the most desirable summer destinations in Europe. The region has celebrated over 140 years of organised tourism and is even considered to be among the world’s top most beautiful islands.

While distance from the mainland can sometimes be a challenge, the stay at Hvar does not have to be a Robinson-style adventure, the island offers everything that even the most demanding modern tourist may need for a comfortable vacation. At Hvar, tourists get just the right amount of isolation to relax and enjoy some peace, away from the chaos of civilisation. If you seek refuge from the noise and crowd of everyday life, the island provides the peace and quiet refuge. However, when you still want to enjoy the crowd of popular tourist resorts and the party life of the regions, Hvar island has numerous nightclubs that offer just that


Hvar island has four major towns; Hvar Town, Stall Grad, Vrboska and Jesla. Hvar Town is the heart and busiest destination of the island. Although small, the town is estimated to attract about 20,000 people daily in the high season. Preserving its history, Hvar Town is still surrounded by 13th C walls with charmingly adorned gothic palaces and marble streets intact. At the town, visitors can tour the main square, explore sights on the winding stone streets and head off to the Pakleni Islands where the only cloth you need is your skin. If you fancy cultural and historical sights, then the Hvar Island has lots in store for you The island’s history dates back to around 6000 BC making it rich in archaeological findings and historical monuments. There you will find Europe’s oldest theatres in the town of Hvar and the ancient remains of Pharos in Stall Grad among many more.

For the Mediterranean climate lovers, you will be amazed to know that the island is the sunniest part of Croatia. Spend you days in the depths of the pure sea and then soak up the revitalizing sun rays. Hvar Island is surrounded by beautiful public beaches and clean hidden bays isolated by the fragrant pine trees and lavender bushes. Jesla town offers sand beaches while Vrboska lets you explore the rocky coves.

To get to the island, visitors can use the local ferry or rent a boat from a local charter. Whichever means used guarantees a memorable experience. If you want to mingle with the locals and get a taste of the island even before arrival, then a local ferry will do. However, if you want time to enjoy the ride and anticipate what awaits you on the other end, rent a boat. Nonetheless, there is so much that Hvar island offers that in the end it does not really matter how you get there, but that you actually get there to experience its beauty and diversity.