The sparkling sand of the coast of Croatia is embraced by the azure blue waves of the Adriatic Sea to create an incredibly peaceful picture. Nestled along the sea shores are some of the most enchanting towns that display wonderful relics from history against the backdrop of untarnished nature. These fascinating destinations are ideal for a serene vacation by the sea. The calm environment is the perfect setting to enjoy the sights and sounds of Croatia at a leisurely pace. Here are some of the most enthralling spots on the Croatian coast that are quiet retreats abundant in intriguing treasures.

Krka National Park

Top Serene Spots To Enjoy On The Coast Of Croatia

The gurgling waterfalls and the majestic Krka River create a serenading music at the Krka National Park. This region is most famous for its series of waterfalls, with the cascades of Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap being the most popular destinations. The Krka River also holds the tiny island of Visovac which is home to a Franciscan Monastery that dates back to the 15th century. The national park also holds the Krka Monastery that displays some glorious architecture, while the turquoise blue pools of water add an ethereal element to the atmosphere. This natural paradise is a wonderful getaway for the weary travelers.

City Of Makarska

Top Serene Spots To Enjoy On The Coast Of Croatia

A horseshoe shaped bay, with a calm expanse of blue on one end and majestic mountains on the other, is what awaits you at the city of Makarska. Tourists enjoy taking a stroll through the promenade that is lined with restaurants and cafes and is cooled by the shade of palm leaves. The main square emanates a rustic charm, with quaint churches and colorful fruit and flower markets. The Franciscan Monastery is yet another peaceful spot and it also holds a seashell museum. The mighty Biokovo Mountain looms over the town, adding to its surreal beauty.

Korcula Island

Top Serene Spots To Enjoy On The Coast Of Croatia

One of the less crowded yet breathtakingly beautiful Adriatic islands, Korcula is the perfect destination for the seekers of solitude. A majority of the landscape is covered with pine forests, vineyards, and olive plantations that offer a rich green carpet to the terrain. The villages provide a throwback to the medieval times with the cobbled streets and the traditional design of houses. The beaches of this island boast of tranquil scenery and the Vela Przina beach is a great spot for watching the sun drown in the sea. Korcula Town has preserved the remnants of this alluring island’s past in the form of numerous museums.

City Of Opatija

Top Serene Spots To Enjoy On The Coast Of Croatia

The opulent villas and verdant gardens of the city of Opatija make it stand out among the coastal towns of Croatia. This city is embellished with some marvelous sculptures and fountains and is, therefore, renowned for its grandeur. The statue of the Maiden with the Seagull is the iconic symbol of Opatija as is the St. Jacob’s Church that glows with an old world aura. The resplendent gardens of Park Angiolina display a variety of plants while the Villa Angiolina has a striking design. The city is an exhibition of different styles of architecture and the beaches are nothing short of magical. Harbors of Opatia are filled with local yachtcharter, so if you feel adventurous you can sail away and explore surroundings at your own pace.

These tranquil locations along the Croatian Coast are the best places to relax and unwind while enjoying the different flavors of the country. The calm atmosphere will allow the magnificence of the landscapes to truly sink in. Devoid of the throngs of tourists, these mesmerizing towns and islands guarantee a peaceful yet memorable holiday.