Smart Homes-The New Thing

A decade ago, beautiful interiors, spacious balconies and new design concepts were all what people desired for their homes. However, with the constant advancement in technology, more and more people are opting for homes which are not just good in looks, but also are smart i.e. which can be controlled with the help of a smartphone. Smart homes or home automation has started becoming important when an individual wants to buy a House for Sale in Mumbai or other cities.

The focus of the smart home technology is to make one’s life more comfortable, secure, sustainable, and entertaining too. The presence of smart home devices is offered within the overall product offering and are used as unique selling points (USP) by the developers these days. Surprisingly, buyers have also shown considerable interest in these smart homes.  Apartment for sale in Mumbai are going down but some of the developers are trying to attract buyer by promoting smart home concept.

As per several market reports, smart homes are recording a growth of about 15-18% every year in tier I cities and 5-10% in tier II & III cities. The rise in percentages is attributed to the increasing number of working couples who desire to keep an eye on their home and monitor it, while at work or travelling.

Smart Homes-The New Thing


Some of the smart home components widely available in the market are:

  • For security: Video monitoring, motion sensors, gas-leakage detection system, intrusion sensors, curtain sensors, fire detection and control system.
  • For controlling the lighting: Remote on/off and presence detection system.
  • For electrical appliances: Smart air conditioning, smart refrigerators, smart geysers, smart TV.
  • For entertainment: AV controls and gaming consoles.
  • For communication: GPS navigation connected to entry/exit and proximity door unlocking.

As per the cost, to transform a 3 BHK Property for Sale in Mumbai into a smart home, on an average Rs 3.5-5 lakh is required for basic automation that includes lighting and security. The cost can be increased/reduced depending upon the personal requirements.