Charge up your future whitewater rafting trips with the following tips from William Schoellkopf, and multiply the thrill:

  1. Instead of going for waterproof clothes, wear clothes that can get wet. Because where is the fun if you don’t get all soaked considering the air is nice and warm?
  2. Bring along stuff that is waterproof- or something that you would not mind losing.
  3. Paddle together, not harder. Strong paddle strokes get the raft running smoothly, but if half a boat is exerting with all its might, it won’t be nearly as effective as a full collective effort. Therefore it is important to observe each other and stay in sync than paddling in a chaotic manner.
  4. When bracing yourself in the raft, keep three points in mind:
  • Keep your feet tightly tucked in the foothold or under the air tube ahead of you.
  • For proper balance, stay on the outer edge of the boat, unless your guide says otherwise.
  • For a sturdier grip, stick your paddle in the water as it will give you extra bracing points when the waves crash against you.
  1. Be swim ready. You might find yourself in the water even if you brace right. It is therefore important to mention to your trainer if you can’t swim or are a slow swimmer to avoid any risk of getting caught between the rocks.