Once the decision has been made to concentrate on physique and to improve health, the first step is to invest in a quality indoor exercising unit, for it is not feasible for all to pound the pavement or hit the gruel for a long distance run. Regular rowing workouts pave the way towards optimum physical fitness, tones and build the muscles, strengthen cardio-vascular functions and improve stamina.

Benefits of Rowing Exercises

Weight Loss: Rowing machines help to burn calories excessively and rapidly and are the most suitable addition to the workout regimen. Working vigorously on a rowing machine could burn about 377 calories in 30 minutes and gets a person progress towards weight loss.

Cardiovascular Benefits: Working with a rowing machine improves endurance and increase heart functions. It is possible to reach and maintain an aerobic state with the unit when its resistance and tension are kept low. It improves heart, lungs, circulation and improves overall cardiovascular health.

Tones Muscles: Rowing helps in improving every major muscle in the body. It offers little pressure on the joints and its low impact nature offers workout for the shoulders, back and arms. Trunk and core of the user get engaged in the exercise as well with every stroke performed on the rower. The machine could get adjusted to create tighter resistance as well to promote muscle building.

Reduces Stress: Indoor rowing machines are easy to use as it gets folded and stored comfortably. It could be used while watching TV and to relax in the evening. Cardiovascular workouts increase endorphins in the body, which helps in reducing stress and improves depression.

Best Rowing Machine of the Year 2016:

The Concept2 Model D air rower is the most popular rowing machine that is seen in most gyms and is also one of the best indoor rowers to be used at home. The machine is being expertly constructed and also looks great and rows smoothly, without much jarring catch. It baffles the air to create resistance, its nickel plated chain pulls the flywheel and the user gets the workout effect by pulling against the high air pressure, being created by the fan. This Model D indoor rowing machine has a PM 5 monitor that offers all vital data and display workout performance by calculating the drag factor.  Rowing machines amazon offers different types of the best varieties of this exerciser online.

Using the Rower Properly

  • Rowing is predominantly a cardio workout and uses the legs more than other parts of the body, but also uses the arms, shoulders and back to tone all parts of the body perfectly.
  • It is important to maintain correct and proper posture while rowing, so as to ensure best workout is established.
  • The user has to start with a lower resistance level, so as to ensure they are comfortable and then go on with increased resistance.
  • The user has to sit on the seat and secure their feet on the pads, keep the back straight and arms extended to hold the handles of the rower firmly.
  • All instructions on the user manual need to be followed perfectly for a perfect workout regimen.