DIY Home Made Gift Baskets

Finding a perfect gift that matches the desires of your loved one and requirements of an occasion is difficult. Although various online stores are now offering extensive varieties of gift baskets that are tailor made for any occasion, yet sometimes you feel that they miss your personal touch or need a little customization to make them more special. Especially on occasions such as wedding anniversary, birthday or new baby you wish to send something extravagant that would catch the attention of everyone and would stand out of the crowd.

Also, sometimes buying gift baskets online seems too expensive and they do not contain everything that your recipient needs or likes. On the other hand, if you plan to make a gift basket on your own you can have plenty of options to not just save your money but also come up with best customized gift basket. Since you are away from your loved one and would like to send them your heartiest greetings in the best possible way, so you can customize and send gift to Pakistan just like the way you want.

Gift Basket for Women

Women are the most difficult one to please because they do not just go with a single aspect of a gift like the packaging, the products inside or the variety but all of it. Hence, for a woman’s gift you should consider special products to be gifted which she would adore like body care products, makeup products, manicure and pedicure sets accompanied by bathing products. All you can do is simply take a net fabric, it can be colored net if you want, and then wrap it around the set of products. Then take a fancy ribbon or bow and tie it on the neck of your gift. This simply looking gift would certainly come out as a precious gift hamper for your lovely lady.

Gift Basket for Men

In order to make a gift basket for your special man, there are different types of baskets you can choose from your home. Since Men’s gift items are very contemporary like a coffee hamper, tools set, men’s accessories, games, or their favorite sauces, hence you can easily find any type of basket or box that can fit any of these items. You can simply go with a tin or can to fill in the tools set or you can take a metal bucket to fill it with gardening tools if your man loves gardening. In case of men’s accessories, you can take a simple tray of any material, assort it with accessories and wrap it with transparent wrapping paper.

Gift Basket for Kids

Kids are mostly pleased by savory items like chocolates, juices and snacks or some kind of game boards and if they are inclined towards reading then even books can make a great gift hamper. So, what can make a cool gift basket for kids? Take something that can be used by them later like bucket in which they can keep their toys. Take a plastic box to place any board games or puzzles. Use your unused can or tins, paint them with some attractive colors to be used as pen holders later.