Did you know that using a hot tub could be extremely beneficial for any child suffering from a whole range of health conditions? It’s something that is not widely known but as the benefits become more apparent, hot tub therapy is being recommended more and more. So, what are these conditions that can be helped?

Asthma is one of them. The pressure that the water exerts on the chest can really help to strengthen the diaphragm which leads to better control of the breath, and an increased lung capacity. However, due to the child being so close to the water, make sure they don’t breath in the chemicals given off for more than around 10 minutes at a time. It’s also perhaps worth considering using more eco friendly versions of water sanitiser which won’t give off these potentially harming substances.

Another surprising fact is that hot tub therapy can help a child who has been diagnosed with autism. The physical sensation of being in the water can have a particularly calming effect on many of these children as well as the reflection of light and the echoing sounds that come with being in the water.

Children who suffer from brittle bone disease often find they are not able to take much exercise for fear of damaging their bones. Exercising in a hot tub due to the buoyancy of the water will enable their limbs to be supported whilst moving around.

Children with cerebral palsy often find that using a hot tub will help with their balance and will enable them to stand and even walk in a hot tub. Any pain they usually suffer will be reduced and tight muscles will be eased.

Another bonus of this kind of therapy is that it is extremely enjoyable and most children will view it as fun time rather than a treatment.