There are a number of different types of personal injury claims and coupled with this are the various types of damages that can be compensated for in a lawsuit. Before any entitlement is finalized there are a number of key areas that you need to consider and account for. Firstly make sure that every damage has been accounted for that has resulted from the injury sustained.

Monies will only be paid out if there is evidence that proves it is the fault or negligence of another party. Here are a few top tips of what needs to be covered. A lawyer will bring together all of these elements, but having the evidence and documentation at hand is essential if any claim is to be made.

  • Medical Expenses

If you have needed medical attention due to any injuries then any expenses that relate to this such as doctor/hospital bills or receipts for medicine will need to be provided. Include any written communication between yourself and your doctor.

  • Rehabilitation

If you have needed consistent medical attention in the form of rehabilitation or therapy then these costs along with the accompanying invoices need to be kept. Its important to keep a check on all visits to any medical professional after an accident and to account for any ongoing future costs that may occur.

  • Loss of Wages

If your injury stopped you from working then it is essential to calculate exactly what your loss of earnings is. Whether you are in full time employment, self-employed, or a spouse looking after your children full time, any financial loss needs to be included. For example ask your employer to detail your attendance and any difficulties you may have had at work after the accident, most notably if there is a significant change from before the injury.

  • Pain

There is a monetary value attached to a personal injury, how this is calculated is complicated, as it can be very difficult to prove, your lawyer will be able to explain exactly how this works. Always document everything including any physical conditions that have occurred from the injury, whether or not the quality of your life has changed or if your work has been affected.

  • Punitive Damages

These will only be awarded in extreme cases of negligence or if the third party has caused the injury intentionally.

  • Photos

Photograph any bruises or scarring you may have sustained from the injury. Photographs, particularly on mobile phones are dated and timed, which makes everything so much easier!

  • Costs

The costs of a personal injury claim can be included in the lawsuit, this can also incorporate the fees of any solicitor involved in your case as well as any money that has been spent on gathering evidence and information.

  • Testimony

It’s important to always give an accurate programme of events, step by step, from the time of injury to your recovery, if you have recovered. Everything that you formulate as evidence will be taken into account by a solicitor and used as part of the claim process.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a writer and artist from the south coast.  In his spare time, he loves doing anything that involves the great outdoors! Whether that’s surfing, rockclimbing or just walking his dogs, he loves it all!