If you’ve purchased a hot tub or spa for your garden this year, you’ll most likely want to carry on using it throughout the winter months. Of course, nobody wants to waste time out in the cold struggling to remove the cover from their hot tub. This is why you should have one of these to make things a whole lot easier.

A Hot Tub Cover Lifter

If you have adequate space behind your hot tub you could go for an Aqualift Roller to make removal of the cover simple. A hot tub cover lifter is the ideal gadget if you don’t want to spend too much money and comes already assembled to be easily mounted to the side of the spa. To operate, simply pull out the arms of the gadget, fold your cover over and slide out of the way of your hot tub. The arms will fold up snugly against the side of the spa cabinet when not in use.

If your hot tub is positioned with not much space around it then you’ll need a different type of cover lifter. Take a look at the Covermate Easy as an alternative. It requires just 18 inches of clearance behind the spa to operate and is constructed from powder coated aluminium tubing with non corrosive mounting brackets. As an added bonus it comes with a Towelmate accessory for hanging up three towels as standard.

For those who own a hot tub that is deck mounted, you’ll need a different type of cover remover altogether. The Covermate 3 deck mounted version would be ideal. When in use it requires only 6inches of clearance behind the spa and like the Covermate Easy is made from powder coated aluminium tubing. This version is also available with extended pivot arms and brackets for larger spas.