Nepal, the land of rich culture and scenic beauty is an ideal destination to spend a tranquil vacation. Be it the snow capped mountains or the ancient Hindu temples; Nepal is just like a perfect painting.

1. Nepal- The Pilgrimage

Located at the banks of the Bagmati River, the Pashupatinath temple is considered as one of the holiest Hindu temples of the world. Witness the ancient rituals at the Dakshinakali temple, protected by nature in her dense canyon. As you step into one of the largest stupas, Boudanath, the Buddhist chants, the aroma of incense and the swirling prayer wheels creates a celestial environment. Swayambhunath Buddhist stupa is an example of grandeur decorated with vibrant colours and coppered pinnacle.

Now you cannot miss the birth place of Buddha being in Nepal and hence a trip to Lumbini is must. Encircled with mountains and monuments, the Lumbini Garden houses the oldest historical structure of viaje a la india y nepal, the Ashoka Pillar. The Mayadevi temple, dedicated to mother of Lord Buddha is the centre of attraction here.

2. Nepal- The Paradise

Be at the top of 2229 meters of Nagarkot peak to get an awestruck view of sunrise and sunset behind the Mt Everest. Dhulikhel is loved by photographers as this place offers a magical view of playing colours during sunrise and sunset. Spend some lazy moments boating and fishing at the crystalline waters of Phewa Lake or get joyful along with the joyous Devi waterfalls. Be at the Mahendra Gupta cave to check out the amazing creation of nature in the form of limestone stalagmites, where you will be greeted by hundreds of bats; the meanders of Seti Gandaki play a hide and seek game throughout the city.

3. Nepal- The Adventurous

The steep mountains and the cool atmosphere of Nepal are the apt surroundings required for adventure sports. The Pokhara Valley is the point for trekkers who have the whole of the Himalayas and the Annapurna range in front of them to explore and discover.

4. Nepal- The History

Nepal, the seat of religion, art and culture is home to one of the most lavish palaces, the Hanuman Dhoka. Dedicated to the assistant of Lord Rama of Ramayana, this palace is named after Lord Hanumana and statues of monkeys in red cloaks are seen to be guarding several entrances (dhoka) to the palace. The statues of lions, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Krishna in Tantric form adorn the castle.

5. Nepal- The Treasure

Be it the cute trinkets or the intricately designed wooden and metal crafts, you have loads of souvenirs to bring back from Nepal. While the cottage garments of the country exemplifies the creativity of the women of Nepal, the wonderful paintings and unique jewellery designs studded with precious stones are priceless.

6. Nepal- The Flavour

The subtle flavour of Nepalese food goes the best with the pleasant weather of the country. While steaming hot vegetable pulao with the essence of turmeric and cumin is accompanied with healthy yoghurt and papadams, the fragrant white rice is enjoyed with spicy meat and fish curry along with sweet and sour pickles. Relish hot momos and soupy thukpa to be warm in the snowy cold of Nepal.

Hence a itinerario Viaje India Y Nepal is a complete package of fun and frolic with an edge of divinity added to it.