India is a land of tourist destinations. The snow clad mountain of northern state, the hills wrapped in greenery of the southern states, tea plantations of eastern states and the rich cultural heritage of western states there is so much to look forward to. There are a number of tourist trip like Goa tour, Leh Ladakh trekking tours  etc which are allured by one and all. These are also such destination which you never want to cross from your list of holiday destinations. These are the lands which remind you of the best time you have and promise you much more for you next trip. There is this one destination which is an epitome of wilderness, natural beauty and liveliness. The beaches of the place never cease to invite you yet again. There are adventurous sports in the city which are sure to give you an adrenaline rush. The churches of the city exemplify historical significance as well as religious importance. You are a shopaholic or otherwise you cannot cease yourself from shopping in here. And not points for guessing the city, its none other than city of Goa!

There are so many things to do in Goa; the list is a really comprehensive one. Just so that you do not loose on any of the many important activities herein listed are the must activities you should plunge yourself in:-

  1. Beaches- somehow when you hear or speak the word ‘beach’ it always leads the conversation to Goa beaches. Indeed this is the beauty of the beaches of Goa. And the fact that they are so many in numbers makes it worth the trip. So there is the North Goa and the South Goa beaches. The North Goa beach includes Calugnate beach, Baga beach and the Anjuna beach which are most of the time crowded. Then there are the beaches of Southern Goa like the Arossim beach and the Utorda beach which are comparatively less crowded. And if you want to avail a timeless experience you can always book at one of the beach resorts which will ensure you a lifetime of memory. You can just relax at the beach, take a walk, have an ayurvedic massage or indulge in some adventure sport. There are a number of adventure sports which are allured by the travelers like jet skiing, parasailing, banana rides and the best of all scuba diving.
  2. Churches- The visit to the state of Goa is incomplete without the churches. In fact these always have a place in the list of things to do in Goa. The churches of the city are renowned throughout the world partly due to the historical importance and mostly due to the religious significance associated. All you need to do is book a package and it is sure to have the visit to the churches in it. You can always recommend the tour operator for the same.
  3. Cruise tours- there are a number of cruise tours operated in the city. And when in here do not forget to take the one which has the dolphin cruise. You will simply love the experience. Imagine the dolphins taking dips and drive in the sea just little distance from your boat. And the whispering wind will further enchant the experience.
  4. Shopping- You cannot and should not cease to shop in the city. There are the cashews which you would love to take back home. Then there is the junk jewelry which will adorn you. And do not forget those souvenirs which will keep the memory afresh for years to come.

So come to Goa Holiday with Kerala, the land of sea, surf and sand for the best experience of your lifetime!