These days, people of all ages are concerned about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). After all, having a sexual relationship with the wrong person can mean a lifetime of embarrassment and inconvenience, not to mention ill health. For those individuals who do not wish to sleep around and want to stay safe from diseases, but still have an active libido, phone sex can be a great alternative to the real thing.

Phone sex should not be discredited as a sexual outlet. It’s exciting, fun, innovative, and offers something different for each call. Every call you make allows you to speak with someone new and enter into an exciting world that you never knew existed. The anonymity of the calls is its number-one advantage, but it offers other advantages as well, such as choosing the person with whom you’d like to converse and fulfilling even the most unusual and dirty fantasy without the fear of anyone you know finding out about the call.

Advantages of Phone Sex
Phone sex is anonymous; however, this does not mean that you cannot choose the girl you wish to talk to. Regardless of your preference – blonds, brunettes, or redheads – you can find what you like with these phone sex lines. Most companies, such as the 121 Girls phone sex company, have websites that include full-colour, detailed photographs of all of the women they hire, along with details on their ages, sexual fantasy preferences, dress sizes, and much more. Men – or women – can simply log onto the website and click on their favourite woman to get the information they need to begin their favourite sexual fantasy.

After clicking on the girl you are interested in, you can find out almost anything about her, including her sexual interests, such as erotic domination, small penis humiliation, cock and balls torture, cuckolding, sissy training, dominatrix, ball-sucking, spanking, leather-wearing, anal sex, oral sex, and much, much more. Regardless of what you are into sexually, you can find the right girl to fulfil your every fantasy. You can also find out about her other attributes, such as whether she’s straight, homosexual, or bisexual; the dress size she wears; and all about her pubic area, whether she’s completely shaved or has a natural bushy look. This is a great place to get started in your search for the perfect girl.

To choose a girl, you simply log onto the website where you can view pictures of all the girls available. There is usually a first name listed, as well as a PIN number that sends you directly to her phone. To view her information, just click on her profile and find out anything you wish to know about her, along with seeing additional pics. There is also usually a general ‘about me’ section, as well as a section listing her sexual preferences and fantasies. In short, you can quickly find the girl whose desires match your own when visiting these websites.

What Are the Details and Terms of Phone Sex?
Phone sex is anonymous for the caller. None of the women will ever know your true name or where you’re calling from. In addition to clicking on and exploring the girls’ details, you can also specify exactly what you want in a fantasy girl by clicking on categories that include MILFs, grannies, college girls, lesbians, black and Asian girls, domination, and sexting. Regardless of your tastes in women and your sexual desires and fantasies, anyone can find whatever they need with just a few simple clicks of a mouse.

Naturally, all callers to phone sex lines must be at least 18 years of age and must have the permission of the individual listed on the credit card before paying for the call. There is usually a list of terms and conditions that should be reviewed carefully. Many companies also offer the ability to sign up, for free, for an online newsletter, as well as the ability to sign up for an online account that will make any subsequent visits a lot easier and quicker. These online accounts usually save your financial information, such as your credit card number, so that you do not have to enter it each and every time you place a call.

These companies’ websites also disallow the use of spyware, malware, keystroke loggers, or any other malicious computer software. In addition, the caller is also unable to conduct any automated data collection activities, including data harvesting or data extracting, without the written permission of the owners of the website. Again, it is best to review the entire website before making your first phone call, just so you won’t run into any problems later on in the call.

Once you decide on a girl, you can simply call the phone number on the screen, enter the PIN number, and voila – your ‘date’ has begun. Most companies have reasonable fees, usually starting at around 60p per minute for cell phones and around 72p for regular phones, as well as the possibility of a refund should you not be able to contact anyone after you dial the number. In this case, the call should be concluded within five minutes of placing it, and you should contact the main phone number within 48 hours of the call. When this happens, most often the company will offer you another girl to talk to, or, in some cases, issue you a full refund.

Payment for these calls is simple, too, with most companies accepting as payment Visa, MasterCard, and even PayPal. The price of the call, including VAT charges, begins as soon as the call is initiated, so it is a good idea to keep track of how long you are on the phone. In short, phone sex today is simple, classy, and exciting. It provides the ultimate sexual outlet without having to worry about STDs, awkward meetings, or being with the wrong person. It is simple to pay for the services and simply to contact and talk to the girls – what could be better than that?