We recently celebrated the International Yoga day which got hundreds of people interested to start yoga and make it a part of their lives. The irony is that many people just got into the enthusiasm to commemorate the day and won’t quite bother showing the same fervour the next day. However, no matter how busy your life is, you should make time for yoga and incorporate it in your daily lives.

If you’re someone who is seriously considering starting yoga or if you just gave it a try for social media, here are a few reasons why you should take up yoga seriously:

Stress Buster


Yoga is a great way to deal with stress. Stress is a major cause of anxiety and depression and is on the rise among the youth due to work pressure and long working hours with never ending deadlines. We’re always worried about performance, appraisals, reports, personal issues and what not. Indulge in some yoga which will help you relax. You can go in for breathing exercises and yoga will help you calm your mind and train it to not delve on negative thinking which increases stress and anxiety. A calm mind is the key to happiness in today and yoga helps you achieve peace and sooth your negative emotions and fears.

Work Out Your Body

If you’re not the type who can get up early morning and go on a jog, run or hit the gym, then yoga is your answer. You can pick exercises your body is comfortable with and build your pace accordingly.  There are yoga exercises to suit different ages and body types and you can find the one that suits you most and you can find your own comfort level before you hit your stride.

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Battle Insomnia

Insomnia is another major problem everyone struggles with. Poor sleep can make your whole day cranky leaving you angry and frustrated.  Yoga helps improve your sleep cycle and can be done before sleeping. Yoga also helps relieve painful areas of the body which might be keeping sleep at bay. They help your body cool down at the end of the day making it easier to fall asleep. Yoga also helps overcome snoring and is a great remedy for those who find it hard to find peaceful sleep every night.

Make your Body Flexible

There are a lot of yoga postures which take great amount of flexibility and with time and increased intensity they can be achieved. This can be put to great use in doing ever day chores and reaching those nook and crannies while cleaning or reaching out for your key which decided to reach the most unreachable place under the sofa. You can better your golf and tennis games and it will also help you in digestion and detoxification.  It’ll help you rid your body of harmful toxins and improve your overall health.

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Mental and Physical Strenght

Yoga helps you develop not just physical strength but mental strength too. It helps you connect with your body at a mental and spiritually. The meditation and breathing exercises will ensure mental agility and the physical postures will make your body stronger.  They help improve your lung capacity and strengthen your core giving you overall strength by calming your mind and bringing you peace and composure.