Importance of Drinking Water at Right Time

We all know how much we give Importance to the Water in our life. We cannot imagine the world without water. All I can say is water is our life. But many time due to the busy schedule of our life we usually forgot to drink enough water time to time. It also happens many time with me as well but this is not at all good for our health and for our body. We should have to drink enough water everyday and that to on time.

Today I got one mail from one of my friend and that mail was also about telling the importance of Water, so today I inspired to write something important and which will be useful to all of us reading this article.

We should always have to maintain our daily water intake and with it if we also take care of the correct timing for drinking water then it can definitely increases the effectiveness of our body, which will help us for proper growth and functioning of our internal organs.

Water is also related with blood pressure, heart attack and helps is many more things.

Let me give you some of the example which can be helpful to all of us if we will take correct amount of water on correct time everyday.

* One glass before we sleep can avoid the heart attack and stroke. Just drinking one glass can save our life. I was also very amazed knowing this fact.

* If you are having Digestion problem then do follow this point. It will help you very much to decrease the digestion problem. Mostly many people drink water (1/2 glass) at the time of meal but that might be one of the reasons for not digesting properly.

We should have to drink not at the time of Meal but try to Drink water 30 minutes before the Meal and then 1 hour after a meal. This will help decrease your digestion problem.

* I have also read somewhere that, if we drink 1 glass of water before taking bath then it helps lower blood pressure. Were you knowing about this thing? I was not. I am not knowing the scientific reason behind this but this is the fact.

* It is also important to Drink lots of water immediately after you wakeup in the morning and it should be before you brush your teeth. Recommend to drink at least two Glass of water after waking up. This will helps activate internal organs.

These are the points OUT OF WHICH few were came to know from my Papa and few from my friend, so I shared it with you all.

I was also not following few mentioned things but now I am trying to follow it everyday. We all know that drinking water is not at all harm for us so why should not we drink plenty of water. Drink lots of water everyday and be healthy.

Good day!!