Chances are if you are looking for a new job, you want to put your best foot forward – rather your best cover letter and resume forward. Cover letters are a very important part of your resume. They provide an introduction to a potential employer, and they are a very necessary part of applying for a job. Employers generally like to see a cover letter to get a better idea of who the job candidate is professionally, and it is something of a prelude to the resume. The following are some useful ways of how to write a better cover letter.

Your cover letter will need to include a few essential components. You need to include a greeting, your purpose for applying for the position, what you are offering with key skills and experience, and a brief follow up with references and why you feel you are qualified for the job. Make your intentions clear to the employer, and be professional and gracious.

You will want to avoid making any spelling or grammatical errors on your cover letter. Take the time to proofread your cover letter more than once to be sure that you have not included any misspellings or errors in grammar. These can be red flags to a potential employer. You want to get them to really read your cover letter and resume. You have taken the time to apply, so be sure that you don’t end up wasting your time.

Another great way to make a good impression with your cover letter is express interest in the company, and the desire to show long term commitment to the company. Letting them know that you would like to settle in and become a team player will benefit you professionally.

Be professional in your cover letter. Express to your potential employer that you are a professional and a competent person deserving of the position. Employers look for employees with strong skills and confidence. Your cover letter gives your potential employer an idea of who you are professionally.