What Happens To Your Business After A DUI

A DUI can have far-reaching consequences, especially if you are a business owner. It can take years to fully establish a small business and create a positive brand image, and a DUI can certainly threaten to ruin that image.

Thankfully it is possible to re-establish a positive business image after a DUI – but only if it is your first offence. This is because if it is your second, you may have to take some time off from your business; a few years ago New York introduced legislation that makes jail time mandatory for anyone with a second DUI conviction. Here is what happens to your business after you receive your first DUI, and how to handle the ramifications.

Receiving A DUI Charge

According to this Phoenix DUI lawyer, a drink driving offence is a fairly common charge; there are over 1 million drink driving arrestsa year, although this varies by state. Despite this you should still get a lawyer, as it can be very difficult to defend yourself. Most people understand that they are drunk driving if their blood alcohol content is over 0.08%, but they don’t understand the laws surrounding drink driving enough to actually represent themselves, so they are likely to be more severely reprimanded. For this reason business owners should speak to a professional who can help them navigate their case.

A good lawyer will be able to negotiate probation meetings around your business, and they may even be able to help arrange a new form of transport to get you to and from work.

Re-establishing Your Brand

Once you have dealt with the legalities of your DUI, you can focus on re-establishing your business’s image. The best way to do this is to admit to your mistakes and make an apology, as this will seem more genuine than trying to brush the DUI under the rug. Once you have apologized you can make a public effort to tackle the effects of drink driving by starting a safe-ride program for your employees, or you could donate money to your local college for a drink driving awareness course.

It is entirely possible for you and your business to recover from a DUI; you just need to be open and honest about your mistakes. Today’s customers appreciate businesses who are open and honest, and if you make an effort to raise awareness for drink driving many people will gain respect for your business.