Warning Signs You Need An Urgent Home Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts probably are not a part of your home that you take time to consider on a monthly or daily basis. But, the condition of your air duct can have a big impact on the efficiency of your cooling/ heating systems. Air ducts are responsible for distributing the cooled or heated air throughout every corner of your home. Duct cleaning should be done every two to three years, although they may be cleaned more often if your home is situated in an allergen-prone area or if you recently had a construction work in your house. Indoor air quality can have a great impact on the overall comfort.

Cleaning your air duct helps to improve the overall air quality by eradicating dust and other irritants from the air you actually take in.Dirty ducts do not necessarily mean that you have unhealthy air in your house, but they can irritate those who are sensitive to allergens and air pollution. Below are a few warning signs that you may urgently need an air duct cleaning.


If you notice that your house is much dustier than it remains usually or you did not change the air filter more often than normal days, it may a right time to have your air ducts cleaned. This is true if you had a major cleaning, reconstruction, remodeling or other task generating excessive dust.


A major increase in your air -conditioning or heating bills is a big indication of dirty air ducts. If you noticed that your energy bills suddenly increased but you are not sure why then, it may be a good time to consider a duct cleaning. Cleaning your air ducts helps to keep the system functioning at maximum efficiency and save you a huge amount of your utility bills.


If you find mold growing in your duct system, the area should be highway tested to ensure whether it is actually mold, and not dirt or some other substance. If you are sure that mold is present, then the duct should be sanitized, and the rest of the system should be properly inspected for further problems.


If you recently had a problem with rodents, insects, or another pest in your house, it is crucial to have your air ducts cleaned or sanitized to prevent the transmission of allergens and harmful microorganism. Pests can nest in your air duct and cause the air to smell in your home. Droppings from, bacteria insects and virus carry serious disease-causing concerns.


Many people choose to clean the duct when they shift to a new house. A new apartment could have contaminants in the air ducts left over from the previous homeowners. Therefore, if you have recently moved to a new place, it might be a great idea to have the ducts cleaned.


If you are still not sure and need your air ducts properly cleaned,then rather on relying on any of the duct cleaning service providers in Portland, turn to experienced professionals for help.