Chemistry, Physics and Biology. In the romantic sense, kids love it. As a high school class, the word terrifies. Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry classes use big words and are complicated and confusing, right? If you are a science, biology, life science, earth science, physics or chemistry teacher you need these free printable activities to help students learn and understand science in a fun, hands-on way. These sites offer you free printable science games, activities, vocabulary cards and puzzles.

Worksheets 4 Teachers has dozens of free printable science matching and word scramble activities and worksheets. Making a game out of memorization, tests and study guides makes learning more enjoyable. Games make excellent test strategies. Word puzzles help with vocabulary and spelling of terms. has hundreds of free printable middle school science lesson plans, activities and worksheets. This website covers earth science, chemistry, life science, biology, animals, motion, electricity, ecology, habitats, energy, forces and motion, simple machines, air and flight, fluids, water system, space, planets, cells, anatomy, biodiversity and more. Check this website out, teachers. All you need is Adobe Acrobat reader to access and print these lessons, units and activities. operates the Neurology for Kids website which has dozens of free printable science games, cut and paste activities, puzzles, activities and worksheets all about the human brain. Perfect for biology, general science and life science.

Chemmy Bear has entire sets of free printable pdf chemistry vocabulary cards. Use for AP and general chemistry classes. You can print vocabulary cards on Periodic Table, Covalent Bonding, ionic bonding, molecular structure, and all those big words related to Chemistry. Very helpful. has loads of free printable lesson plans and worksheets for AP and general chemistry. This website was created by a professor of chemistry.

I’m pleased to share these free printable games, puzzles and science resources. We teachers are always looking for ways to make learning and study more user-friendly for students.