Within everyday life science becomes a factor that assists with decision making and processes. First I will describe my definition of science. Then I will describe how I use the scientific method in everyday life. I will begin by explaining my definition of science.

According to “Wikipedia”, science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method. My definition of what science is would be the ways we gain knowledge based on hands on learning. I come to this definition by acquiring a “science” to most of the things that I learn in life. When it comes to things like my job, to the details of being a mother, all these roles and aspects of my life entail some type of science. Now I will describe how I use the scientific method in my everyday life.

One scientific method consists of a goal, a model, data, an evaluation and any revisions that may exist. One way that we can use this method is by simple trial and error. I use trial and error with my job at a daycare. One goal for us at my job would be to make nap time run smoother, one model would be to separate the classes individually instead of all together. We would then acquire data by attempting to separate the classes individually and compare the results to when we did not separate the classes. We would then evaluate all the data and make any revisions that may be needed. Our hypotheses would be that it would be smoother separated and our conclusion would find that our hypotheses was correct. Others who use scientific method on a daily basis are those who cook from recipes, or writers of some sort of truth. All of us will find that one or more aspects of our life will entail using the scientific method in some way or another.

In conclusion to this explanation of science and the scientific method in our daily life, I find that I use science and the methods connected to it more that I initially realized. I will now learn to appreciate the factors that come with learning the subject and all that are tied to it. With science being a system of acquiring knowledge and the scientific method being the basis of how the knowledge is acquired, if science is part of everyday life, there fore the scientific method is also included with those parts. You can’t have one without the other, or so it’s said. So science is a major part of our everyday lives!


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