5 Things You Can Expect from Your Criminal Defense Attorney

You have recently found yourself in trouble with the law, and you have all sorts of questions running through your mind regarding your case. This may be your first time hiring a criminal defense attorney, and looking for one can be a daunting task within itself. However, it is important that you are well prepared and do the research before accepting anyone. If you are looking for a little clarity to help ease your mind while you are in your process of finding an attorney, you have come to the right place! We will discuss five things you can expect from your criminal defense attorney.

5 Things You Can Expect from Your Criminal Defense Attorney


The first thing you can expect from your criminal defense attorney is to provide you with a real perspective of how serious your case may be. This includes the fees which in most cases varies; hiring an attorney can be costly and the fees adds up really quickly. This can often drive individuals into representing themselves which sometimes, isn’t a great idea. Also, your attorney may discuss the possible outcomes of the case based on the worst case scenario. Their job is to prepare you for the good and the bad, so that you won’t go into this totally oblivious.


You can expect from your attorney that he or she will protect your rights. Which means they will take direct action to protect your constitutional rights, making sure that all steps that are taken will be in compliance with the law. It is important that you and your attorney build a relationship and trust which will make it easier for you while going through a criminal trial. You never know what to expect when dealing with a case, so it’s important that you are comfortable with speaking to your attorney about anything and being open to the advice that he/she has to offer.


Your criminal defense attorney will be investigating the allegations that are provided by the state. It is important that you as the client, are transparent about your history and provide the attorney with as much information about the case as possible. To your advantage, anything discussed between you and your attorney will be strictly confidential according to “attorney client privilege”; feel free to be as detailed and descriptive as possible.


Once your attorney follows through with investigation, he/she will then analyze your case and all the evidence that is collected which is called the discovery process. The attorney is expected to to turn in all evidence such as (police reports, witness statements, photographs) to the prosecutor which will be used in trial.


Your attorney will go over several options that you can consider which is known as the negotiation. Your attorney will work with you and the prosecutor to negotiate a deal, such as a guilty plea bargain. In most case scenarios, this can help lessen your sentence and the possible charges that you are facing. If the deal doesn’t fall through, then your attorney will be have to prepare for trial. He/she will make sure that all of their materials are prepared and ready to be presented in court.