Best Things To Buy & Shop in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is one of the major tourist attractions in the state of Rajasthan. Also renowned as the golden city of India, Jaisalmer was the mediaeval trading centre in the Olden Times. Besides the famous tourist attractions in Jaisalmer Desert Camp. Its like the very famous Ranthambore forest which is known for its wilderness, this beautiful city is also famous for its shopping attractions. If you have booked a round trip to this city of Jaisalmer, here are some things you can shop that you will never regret. And if you are a shopping freak, you will totally find these tips handy So let’s get started!

1) Blankets

You can find the best blankets when you are on Jaisalmer tour package. Jaisalmer having beautiful  Blankets designs. While you will find blankets in every nook and corner of India but the best part with shopping blankets in Jaisalmer is that these blankets have a retro and native touch! The beautiful designs on these blankets are surely going to blow your minds (And that of your guests and children… :-p)

2) Mirror-work Embroidery Carpets and Garments

The golden city of Jaisalmer is also very famous for its mirror work embroidery garments and carpets. No designer style can be the very native mirror work embroidery garments that are made by the local Rajasthani folks. And the best part is that these carpets and garments are sold at so cheap prices you’ll never believe! So grab your wallet and rush to the streets of Jaisalmer to find the best mirror work embroidery  garments and carpets!

3) Old Stonework Items

If you are a fan of antique and artistic items, then you have to go to the streets of Jaisalmer to find the best stone work items both for the purposes of decoration and kitchen usage. Keeping these old stone work items in your living room will add a heritage touch to your entire home.

Best Things To Buy & Shop in Jaisalmer

4) Puppets and Jootis

One of the best places to find puppets in India is the city of Jaisalmer which is a home for different types of Puppets. The Puppet sellers here have amazing deals in almost all seasons. If you are also looking for some classic Jootis, Jaisalmer  local markets are very good places to find them!

That was a list of some must buy things in Jaisalmer. At Royal adventure Tours, our guys will stop by some of the best shopping streets in Jaisalmer for you to Grab all the above items. Quick tip: Do negotiate and bargain to get the best prices with the local vendors!

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