SEO Edinburgh – Crawling, Link Building & Everything In Between

SEO Edinburgh can be a confusing process, especially for those who have no digital marketing background. In order to simplify the situation, you must learn the basics. Although complex at times, once you understand the terminology used within SEO Edinburgh you will find it much easier to understand how it all works.

A search engine is a clever tool which is used to gather information for the user and deliver results which are relevant to the search. The two main ways it does this is by crawling the web and building an index. The term ‘crawling’ is used to refer to the spider bots operating within Googles server that retrieve information. In order to retrieve this information, they filter through billions of documents in order to find results that are relevant. In the milliseconds it does this it managed to rank these results in terms of relevancy.

Once you understand that this is how the search engine works it is easier to understand how SEO affects this. In utilising keywords and building links to your website, you are increasing the chances of the Google spiders finding your website based on specific search terms.

SEO Edinburgh : Keywords

Keywords are the most essential part of any good SEO Edinburgh strategy; without these you cannot hope to be found for your relevant services. You should ensure that you are using relevant keywords for your business throughout your SEO strategy. This would include optimising the following areas:

  • Content
  • Page Titles
  • H1/H2s
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Image Alt Tags

In doing so you are allowing Google to recognise that your website is relevant for certain search terms. You should remember to keep these specific though. If your business sells flowers and is specifically a florist, then you would want to avoid terms like ‘flower fragrance’ because people searching for this are likely to be seeking perfume.

SEO Edinburgh – Crawling, Link Building & Everything In Between

SEO Edinburgh : Link Building

In order to increase your ranking on Google you must create high quality, relevant content which will attract natural links. Once you have utilised your keywords and optimised the pages on your website you should begin to build links to your website.

The purpose of this is to allow the Google spider bots to again, find your website based on relevant search terms. The more links you build to your site for relevant keywords, the more likely your ranks are to increase.

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SEO Edinburgh Companies

SEO in Edinburgh, or anywhere for that matter, is a long process and one which requires some industry know how. This is where it may be wise to hire and SEO company. They do all the heavy lifting for you and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends in SEO to ensure that your website is full optimised at all times. If you are finding the process of SEO a complicated one and find you don’t have the time or patience to figure it out, then hire professionals and watch your business move up the ranks!