The adoption process has helped thousands of families each year by providing benefits to the child, the adoptive family, and the birth parents. Adoption is now a widely accepted choice for women that are experiencing an unwanted pregnancy, and it offers couples that cannot have children of their own a way to make their family grow.

Birth Mothers Benefit From the Experience

Adoption allows the birth mother to continue with her career and education goals. By placing her child in a loving home she will know that her baby will be cared for, nurtured, and enjoy the things that she may not be able to financially provide for the child by herself.

Birth Mothers Can Stay in Contact With the Child

The birth mother has the option of staying in touch with their child. This is done through an open adoption. They receive emails, letters, phone calls, and photos to let them know how the child is doing. In certain situations, the birth mother may also be allowed to visit the child.

The Child’s Advantages

By giving their baby up for adoption, the birth mother is able to place their child in a loving and stable home. Adopted children are just as well adjusted as other children, become more involved in extracurricular programs, and receive more individual attention from the parent.

Adoption is a Guilt Free Experience

One does not have to feel guilty about giving their baby up. This decision is often made to ensure the child can have all that they need. Once that child grows up, they will be thankful that their birth mother made such an important and life changing decision for all involved.

Benefits for the Adoptive Family

The adoptive family enjoys the many blessings that come from welcoming a baby into their lives. For many, this is the only way they can fulfill their desire to have a child. They are able to fill their home with love, and an open adoption allows them to form a special relationship with their child’s birth parents.

Adoption is a winning situation for everyone involved. The children grow up feeling loved while offering couples a way to raise a child when they otherwise cannot. The birth mother can continue working towards her goals, and they can still be a special part of their baby’s life.