home devices integrated into home decor

Beautiful interior design takes work to achieve and maintain. Why ruin it in the name of home security? Fortunately, modern home security devices are sleek, functional, and fairly attractive. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your security system messing with your feng shui, these tips are for you.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great example of a high-tech security device in a modern package Low-profile and sleek, yet packed with easy-to-use technology to keep out intruders. Instead of a traditional key, smart locks require a signal from your smartphone before opening up.

If having a house like something out of The Jetsons isn’t your cup of tea, certain brands, like Kevo, maintain a traditional design yet contains all the tech of their more futuristic counterparts. For example the Kevo smart lock offers a touchpad option, but it still looks like a traditional deadbolt.

Hidden Cameras

Many security brands design their technology to keep a low profile in your home. With neutral colors and smooth, inconspicuous casings, your guests won’t notice until they look—and even then, they still might not find them. Some security devices, like doorbell cameras, are actually designed to look like something else. This not only looks nice, but also enhances the security functionality.

Modern Thermostats

Gone are the days of ugly levers and dials mounted like trophies of shame on our walls. Thanks to companies like Nest, thermostats can look like tiny pieces of modern art. And they do more than just control temperature—they have timers that can change your home’s temperature at different points in the day, and can even be controlled remotely with your smartphone. And in case standard stainless steel doesn’t quite fit your vibe, Nest’s Learning Thermostat also comes in white, black, and copper.

Safety Sensors

When you think about smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors, you may think of a white plastic UFO. I mean, every house needs at least one, but do they have to be so tacky looking? Check out these 7 style-friendly designs—my favorite is the one that looks like a cute bird! Whichever you choose, don’t forget about routine battery and carbon monoxide sensor replacement.


If you care about your home’s interior, there’s no reason to sacrifice your sanity to accommodate a security system. With many stylish and modern options to choose from, maybe all you need are some updated devices. Feng shui on, friend!