Apply For These 8 Green Certificate Programs To Give Your Business An Edge!

Which organisation do you think will be preferred more by consumers? An organisation that constantly pollutes the same environment it draws its resources from? Or an organisation that strives to provide the best care to its neighbouring area and works in an organic manner to minimize any kind of pollution caused due to its operations?

In this era where main stress is given to sustainable development and social responsibility, you will most probably choose the latter! But an organisation can not just write two lines on their website that they are environment conscious and they are good to go, they have to provide proof that they really are and that showing love for the environment is in their blood.

If you really care about the environment and have modified your business operations in a environment friendly manner, there are many green certificate programs available online that can help you attain proof by gaining certifications. Some of them are –

Safer Choice

Safer choice is a labelling and certification program that shows consumers which products perform well and are safe for their health and the environment in general. An initiative from the Environmental Protection Agency, you can apply for various labels and qualifications in this program such as chemical free products etc.

Green America

Having two different levels with different standards for business certification, a business must apply to earn the Green America seal. It is a national organisation certifying companies that use their business as a tool to drive positive social change by employing environment friendly practices and processes.

Green Seal

Green seal is a non profit organisation that promotes and certifies environment friendly products and services. The organisation offers industry wise standards.


Backed by EPA, Wastewise is a certification program that recognizes and certifies businesses and governments who demonstrate how they’ve successfully reduced waste.

Energy Star

Energy Star is a fairly recognizable certification symbol for energy efficient light bulbs, appliances and other electronics. Products with energy use and emission score of 75 or above can apply for this certification.

Animal Welfare Approved

Businesses who want to mark their products as animal friendly can opt for gaining a certification from the Animal Welfare Approved. Food manufacturers and producers can seek for this certification by applying online.

The Institute of Green Business Certification

The Institute of Green Business Certification is a Canadian organisation providing certification to businesses that fully comply with the global environmental standards and regulations and have actively implemented certain measures to reduce energy in their business processes in any way possible.

Green C Certification

Businesses that operate in the US and have more than 5 employees can apply for a Green C Certification. Backed by the American Consumer Council, this certification is for businesses that promote and exercise environment friendly practices in a variety of industries.

Ready to show the world that you are as green as it gets? Apply for these environment friendly certifications for your business to gain a competitive edge in your industry.