Portugal is Europe’s most popular tourist destinations especially for those who long to get away from all the hustle-and-bustle and enjoy peaceful days in the sunshine! While it’s always easy heading west from Lisbon Airport and plunge into the maelstrom of the city centre, moving eastwards over the Vasco da Gama Bridge which is almost 11-miles and Europe’s longest is the best way to discover the laid-back and heavenly side of the country.

An hours ride and you’ll enter the world of bucolic landscapes lined with orange groves, lush vineyards, cork trees and nesting storks. The details below would allow you to uncover some of the most amazing places that are appealing enough to question over how to get Portugal citizenship! So read on…

The marvellous views from Marvão

Almost two-and-a-half hour drive from the capital would take you to the tiny whitewashed village of Alentejo that’s nestled peacefully on a rocky ridge right by the Spanish border that feels quite otherworldly.

The remote village was first fortified by the Moors during the eighth century whereas today, it’s surrounded by what seems an intact circuit of 17th century walls. The very design is to provide a far-reaching and strategic panoramic view of the vast plains of Portugal and Spain that are almost too impressive.

For a truly unforgettable experience, watch the sunset over the surrounding Serra that whoosh past overhead and set behind the old Roman road in between the cork and olive trees. If the scene holds you back from asking how to get Portugal citizenship, then nothing else would be convincing enough!

Stride the Trilho dos Pescadores

The long coastal sections of Trilho dos Pescadores offer plenty to walk with no soul in sight other than adorable goats, ponies, beautiful birds and perhaps a surfer breaking on a high tide. Follow the footsteps of local fishermen along the long-distanced footpath that’s divided in two sections; one to explore during day and other to tread at night time. The trail ends with a hearty meal and definitely a cosy spot to rest your feet.

The Odeceixe escape

The central region of Algarve maybe overpopulated but its western coast is totally an opposite picture. Almost at an hour’s drive west of Faro Airport you’ll find traditional, cosy, peaceful and sleepy villages with unspoilt wild coastline.

And to stay along the coast is through the laidback village of Odeceixe with its cobbled streets and tiled huts that neatly tumbles the hillside to the verdant river valley. Don’t miss the road that winds up along the valley that takes you directly to a wide beach known best for brave surfers challenging the mighty waves.

Kayaking the Mondego Valley

Kayaking is the best way to discover the peaceful Mondego river valley in Central Portugal. Start from Penacova and paddle 25 kilometres along the river with kingfishers and many other tropical birds soaring overhead, pine trees lined up at each side and tantalising grape vineyards. You’ll also come across fewer small rapids while kayaking but that’s just rare.

Sortelha is where to go traditional

There isn’t much to do in Sortelha but if you wish exploring rustic side of Portugal, this is just the place. It’s tucked away beyond the hilly Serra da Estrela with ancient houses constructed into the granite landscape and giant boulders completing rest of the picture. The population here’s hardly in double figures and only a single café/restaurant which makes it truly laidback.

For a real secluded experience; one that pretty much answers how to get Portugal citizenship and why is by staying a night in the old village houses settled peacefully in between traditional furnishing and stone walls.


Go for Portugal citizenship which is the best way to explore the country up, close and personal.

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