Common Mobile Phone Repairs You Can Take Care Of At Home

Everyone knows that nothing can be perfect. Then, how do you expect your mobile phone to work perfectly at all times? Most commonly a phone starts to die when it starts getting old. Some of the troubles you might face can include battery backup, slow processing, issues while connecting to the internet and much more.

Did you know? There might not always be a necessity to take your device to the store, just to get a mobile phone repair in Hamilton A few of such issues can easily be fixed even when you are at home. Performing the fix yourself would not only help you save big bucks on the repair, but also help in saving some of your time.

Here, I have listed out some of the mobile phone repairs that can easily be fixed within the walls of your home. These are some common issues with their solutions:


This is one of the most common issues that numerous people have been facing. Let me help you out in solving it. Fixing the battery backup is as simple as tying your shoelaces. All you have to do is adjust the location and the brightness of your mobile phone. How? Enter the settings menu, go to location and just turn on the battery-saving mode. As for the brightness, avoid using the auto-brightness instead decrease the brightness down to half of the level present on your phone.

Slow User Interface

In order to avoid frozen or slow user interface, the first thing you should do is get rid of the applications and data that is irrelevant or not being used by you. Phones tend to get slower when their internal storage starts to fill up. You can easily transfer the files to your computer or a storage device, that will help you keep the data safe. Another thing you can try is deleting the cache and also by limiting the use of live wallpapers. To delete the cache, simply go to your mobile phone settings and clear the cache out.

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issue is something that can be either repaired easily within just a few minutes or it just might turn out to be a big problem. If you have been facing problems while connecting to bluetooth, wifi or don’t have reception in an area, don’t worry I will tell you how to fix it. Simply, turn the airplane mode on for about 30 seconds and just leave the phone idle. Toggle it off and try connecting it again. Sometimes, toggling the specific connection can solve this problem. Still facing the same problem? Try to setup your bluetooth or wifi network again.


This is yet another common issue that one has to face with almost every mobile phone. Certain mobile phones can really warm up. To avoid the heating up, don’t use your phone while charging and also get rid of the apps that use the CPU of your phone to an extend. Such applications are mostly gaming app like POkemon Go, Facebook and even Snapchat. If it still gets warm, give it some rest, before overloading it again with work.

Sometimes you would need to look for guidance from a professional, but the other times you should try fixing it yourself instead of throwing your money and time into garbage. Mobile phone repair in Hamilton is one tedious job to do, at the same time it is a requirement too.