Vital Tips To Get Insurance For Your Classic VW Campervan

A classic VW campervan can truly be a home-from-home, so it does make sense to make sure that you have it properly insured with the best campervan insurance cover. The tops mentioned below can certainly help you get insurance for your classic VW campervan perfectly:

Check For Insurer Deals and Discounts

Some of the insurance companies will offer you with special deals and discounts. These perhaps be given in some or all of the following conditions:

  • You are insuring one other vehicle with them;
  • Having just one named, experienced driver;
  • Opting to pay higher excess- this is the first part of the claim that you are actually liable for;
  • Having a very limited mileage policy;
  • Being a member of the recognized caravan club;
  • Storing your campervan somewhere safe while it is not in use;
  • Fitting extra security and safety items

As it has been mentioned above, if you fall into one or more of these categories, you perhaps find that your insurer rewards you with discounted insurance premiums on your campervan cover.

Insurance Policy Features and Advantages

You need to be aware of the fact that the insurance cover for campervans generally vary from provider to provider, so you need to check the cover you are thinking of if it offers you the protection you are looking for. Aspects to consider may include:

  • As vehicle breakdown insurance included as a standard?
  • Is do, are there any other costs related with moving your vehicle to a garage covered?
  • Is your insurer going to pay for any alternative accommodation in case your campervan breaks down while you are on a holiday?
  • What type of contents cover is available to you? Are higher values such as TV or jewelry excluded or you need to pay additional premiums to cover them?

Moreover, you must not forget to check the policy to see what restrictions you perhaps need to fulfill as a part of your insurance cover. These perhaps include items like using wheel clamps while they vehicle is stored, for instance.

Shop Around For The Best Cover

Last but not the least, as it is with all the major purchases, it does make sense to shop around for the most viable product for you and to get insurance for your classic VW campervan is no exception at all. Getting various quotes for your classic VW campervan and comparing them on a like-to-like basis may assist you get the best cover that does not blow your budget at all!