Laser Liposuction The Pros And Cons

I need hard to tell that in matters of specialty like ones relating to the human health, most of the materials and information you will find on the internet are not reliable. They can be really acting on them will expose you to high risks and implications sometimes involving death. The practice applies pretty much to the laser liposuction and other procedures alike.

Laser liposuction goes by many names some of which are SlimLipo, Lipotherme, Smart Lipo, LipoLite, SmartLipo and Cool Lipo. The procedure combines laser and traditional lipo to for body sculpting. Most people use content marketing to portray laser liposuction as a non-invasive procedure which has very few or no implications at all. The truth is laser lipo is more advanced than traditional liposuction and it doesn’t employ the local excision technique as with local lipo.

But it does have its pros and cons and when you plan to get it, make certain that you are aware of what is at stake beforehand. Here are some pros and cons, you might want to whip up to decide whether or not smart lipo or whatever it is called is worth it.


Laser liposuction is employed to melt and remove a considerable amount of fat from the body. Excess fat is a major risk factor for diseases like PAD, heart clotting, obesity and lots more. Lipolite reduces the tendency to diseases caused by excess fat.

Wrinkles, lines, acnes and aging are worrisome conditions causing victims to lose self-confidence or feel a little depressed and degraded. Lipolite makes an effective treatment for such conditions.

Smart laser, unlike local lipo or excision, is a less invasive procedure which can be completed in an outpatient process.

Compared to the invasive procedures, it does scape body fat. Rather, fat is coagulated fat is melted and extracted from the body during treatment.


One of the cons of smart lipo is that it is pricey.

The treated site from which melted fat is extracted is prone infections.

A second laser treatment cannot be performed on a treated site in the event of future fat treatment.

Melted fat may coagulate to cause uneven skin texture and formation of lumps, especially if treatment is not properly performed.

Too much laser light will fry up or better still kill body tissues.

Laser beam transmission may lead to internal organ damage.

When going for laser liposuction it is important to consider those pros and cons. Weigh them against each to determine whether or not the laser is worth a shot. If you decided that for what it’s worth, you want to go for it, make finding a qualified and experienced doctor your number one priority. Risks and implications can be managed effectively by an experienced surgeon.