Duties and Responsibilities Of Travel Agents

The expertise of a travel agent is very important for holiday and business travelers. Their services are helpful if you wish to save time, money and where you have limited knowledge about your destination. When you contact a travel agent in your search for a car hire company, there are some duties and responsibilities that are bestowed on the professionals as discussed below, that they have to fulfill if you are to receive the best services.

Duties and Responsibilities Of Travel Agents

Research Skills

This is one of the main tasks of a professional travel agency. It involves compiling and comparing information from various car hire companies to provide you up to date and accurate information about a specific provider. This may include information on the prices charged, discounts, promotions, offers and time of travel. Research also enables a travel agent to obtain important information on other services you may require during your holiday or business travel such as laws, customs, climate, accommodation, meal, tourist, and conference facilities.

Bookings on behalf of Clients

Once you have settled for a particular car hire provider, a travel agent is tasked with making arrangements to secure your rental car from the hire company. This is after being informed on the arrival and departure times, cancellation policy, parking fees and extra costs you may incur as a result of the car rental transaction. It is at this point that they will ask you for partial or full payment for the rental services as a sign of your commitment to the transaction or to complete the transaction respectively.

Customer Service in Case of Difficulties or Alterations

It is the responsibility of a travel agent to assist you where you experience difficulties with the hired vehicle or the terms of the contract. In case there need to modify the terms of the original vehicle rental agreements, it is necessary for travelers to contact travel agents because they are the links between them and car hire companies. Dealing with a travel agent has been found to be desirable because of the personalized service they offer when compared to making modifications though other means like emails. A travel agent should, therefore, act fast so that the original contract is invalidated in favor of the new one. There are also instances where a noleggio auto Portogallo contract is in a foreign language. A professional travel agency should have multilingual staff to translate the terms and conditions so that you can understand what you are signing.


It is only when a travel agent has performed the duties and responsibilities prescribed, that you can get the best out of a car rental service. It is therefore, important to select reputable agents because they have a higher likelihood of honoring their part of car rental agreements.