Nobody can deny that a holiday in a ski resort is really something to look forward to. Think about the snow covered mountain peaks, the picturesque wooden chalets and evenings spent in a local bar sampling the local food and drink. Makes you want to be there right now! But luxury ski holidays, like many other kinds of holidays are becoming much more sophisticated each year as holiday makers demand more facilities, so it’s not uncommon to find that many of the hotels and chalets are now offering the use of a private hot tub as part of the package. With some hotels you’ll find the hot tub is part of their spa or health club, but with others you may be able to book a suite or premium room with its very own private hot tub for you to use whenever you like. Some are indoors so they can be enjoyed in warmth and comfort, whilst others are outdoors making it a unique experience with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. They certainly transport a ski holiday to another level.

When doing your research before you book your trip, make sure you go for a resort that matches your skiing abilities as some are more suited to experienced skiers than a complete beginner. If you like to sample a range of different activities, then go for a resort that offers you a choice such as snowboarding or sleigh rides, or perhaps ice skating as well. You’ll find these resorts in many European countries such as France, Switzerland or Austria, but if you fancy going somewhere a bit further afield then you could always try Canada or America instead.

Wherever you choose, just make the most of the facilities on offer and have a fantastic holiday that you will remember for many years to come.

We brought you this guest post courtesy of the guys over at AquaWarehouse, the UK’s primary retailer of hot tubs and swim spas!