Exploring the European continent can be done in many ways, and each has its own appeal. But if you want to soak up the sights at a more relaxed, leisurely pace, without the frantic need to hop from one destination to another, then you should try a luxury barge holiday offered by a company like European Waterways. The following three destinations should be at the top of your list.


The French Countryside

You cannot plan a European tour without including France, with its rich culture, art, history, and architectural achievements, included in the itinerary. Unsurprisingly, major luxury barge cruise companies such as European Waterways always have it highlighted as one of their most sought-after routes. A tour of France usually starts somewhere along the Seine and, depending on the itinerary, may continue downstream or upstream, or even into the smaller tributaries. Tourists who choose to explore the country are in for an awesome treat, whether they choose to explore the wild flora and fauna in Provence’s Camargue National Park, enjoy the sights and flavours of Burgundy, savour the seafood-based cuisine and the diverse local produce of Brittany, or tour the small pretty villages in the Upper Loire. And we have not even started with Paris yet, with its world-famous architectural wonders such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and its famous avenue, the Champs Elysees.

The Scottish Landscape

Scotland is a laidback, quaint country with a sheer beauty that borders on the indescribable. Fortunately, due to its river systems, the country is better explored on water than on land and that is why the said route of travel has given rise to a luxurious way of tourism in the form of barge holiday cruises. These holidays give guests the opportunity to enjoy the sights, history and culture of the country at their leisure and in a relaxed and comfortable way. Companies such as European Waterways are among the most respected outfits in the field, primarily because of the consistent excellence in service and the quality of their barges, which have been meticulously converted into luxurious floating hotels. The main artery of Scotland is the Caledonian Canal, which is a body of water that cleaves the country in half. The canal has served as a fast and efficient means of transportation for centuries, and now it also serves as a great way for tourists to enjoy the sights on-board a retrofitted barge. You can be sipping champagne or enjoying a gourmet meal on the deck of your barge while the breath taking Scottish landscape floats by.

‘Invading’ the British

Touring England on a barge is not only convenient but is also exceptionally luxurious. Companies such as European Waterways maintain a special fleet just to service the River Thames route, plying the entire length of the river and, depending on the itinerary, heading into the minor tributaries as well, to give cruise passengers a memorable experience. The River Thames flows through the cities of London, Windsor, and Oxford, and along the way you can request for stopovers so that you can explore certain sites on foot or spend some time walking through the English countryside, which can be particularly exhilarating.