Most people realize that an energy-efficient home is good for the environment and your pocket book. There are so many different types of improvements that can be made “A roof replacement offers one of the biggest opportunities to reduce a home’s energy consumption since a roof is the largest structure between the sun and a home’s interior” – However, did you know that your energy-friendly home can also benefit your health? It turns out, switching to things that are good for the environment are also good for you! Take a look at how some of the following eco-friendly practices can benefit your health.

Reduced Toxic Exposure

The main health benefit of an eco-friendly home is your reduction to toxic chemicals. Basically, if it is bad for the environment, it is bad for you. Things like VOCs from paint and plastic lead to a whole host of health problems that have only begun to be revealed. Toxins in the home can be responsible for everything from lung irritation to possibly cancer.

Improved Water Quality

Health Benefits Of An Eco-Friendly HomeWith an effective water filter, your water becomes healthier for you to drink as well as safer for the environment. An effective filter will remove toxins from the water, such as chlorine, chemical vapors, the presence of medications from the water, and organic compounds like mold and dirt particles.

Additional Sun Exposure

When you practice eco-friendly living in your home, you reduce the amount of energy used during the day. Consequently, you can turn to natural lighting to keep your home lighted during the day. This can benefit you in several ways. Firstly, you will be able to receive vital vitamin D from the sun. You can also regulate your sleep patterns more effectively with a high exposure to the natural rhythms of the sun. Natural light encourages the ancient practice of rising with the sun and going to bed with the sun, which is better for your overall health.

Better Sleep

Health Benefits Of An Eco-Friendly HomeWhen you have an environmentally-friendly home, you will avoid using unnatural sources as much as possible. This means that at night, you will probably go to bed much sooner. You will also eliminate the presence of artificial light in the bedroom. Artificial lights can interfere with effective sleep patterns, leading to a decrease in sleep quality and length. The fewer artificial lights you use, the better your sleep will be overall.

Improved Immunity and Allergy Reduction

With an eco-friendly air filter, you remove a variety of toxins from the air. Things that cause health problems, like mold, viruses, pollen, dirt, and dust; are nearly eliminated with an eco-friendly home filter. This will improve your basic immunity and reduce how often you and your family get sick. You may also find that allergy symptoms are lessened when you use an eco-friendly air filter in your home to remove dust and other allergens from the air. The maximum protection from these irritants is offered by filters with a MERV 12 rating. This form of filter can lower allergy symptoms by up to 61 percent.

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