As you and your family are planning your next vacation, you should plan on visiting some of the many sites that cater to animal lovers. The ability to get out and enjoy animals in their natural habitats, or in friendly environments, can be a great learning experience for everyone. When you decide to try something different on your next family holiday, it should be a trip to one of the many vacation sites that appeals to the animal lover in you.

National Parks

5 Best Family Vacations For Animal Lovers

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Horse riding trails and the chance to see nature’s creatures in their natural habitats await you at one of the many national parks. Shenandoah National Park in Virgina is a good example of a park that supplies you with the horse tack you need to enjoy a day out on the open trails with a majestic steed leading the way. Of course, you will want to spend a little time getting some riding lessons from the staff if you are getting on a horse for the first time. But once you get started, it is an experience you will never forget.


5 Best Family Vacations For Animal Lovers

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The state of Alaska acts like a large nature preserve for animals such as bears, eagles and whales. There are professional tour companies in Alaska that will take you on hiking and boating excursions where you will be able to observe some of these animals close up. The whale watching tours along the Alaska coastline offer an experience that animal lovers will never forget.

Children’s Petting Ranches

5 Best Family Vacations For Animal Lovers

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If your children love animals, then a petting ranch would be the best place to take them on vacation. Slide Ranch in Muir Beach, California and the chain of petting ranches known as Green Meadows Farm (located in eight different states) are good examples of places where children can safely come into contact with various kinds of animals. These ranches also offer arts and crafts that the whole family can enjoy.


5 Best Family Vacations For Animal Lovers

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Atlantis is a resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas that specializes in getting families close to sea life that most people never get a chance to see. There are petting pools filled with small and safe sea creatures and there are also opportunities for people to swim with the dolphins. For the more daring animal lovers, there are deep sea diving excursions that get you in touch with a wide variety of sea life.

South Seas Island Resort

5 Best Family Vacations For Animal Lovers

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Captiva Island, Florida is one of the many small islands just off the coast of the Sunshine State and it is home to the South Seas Island Resort. There are activities offered by the resort that will allow you to get close to the birds and land animals that live on the island, as well as the large variety of sea creatures that live in the coral just off the coast.

If you are an animal lover, then you will want to dedicate your next vacation to getting closer to nature. The best way to appreciate the animals of the world is to spend some time getting up close and personal with them.