5 Essential Items for New FishermenSummer is the time to catch and cook fresh fish. There’s nothing better than a pan seared Flounder filet that you reeled in at 5:00 AM that morning.

Fishing trips present peaceful escapes for all people. Whether you fish at the local lake, go on a day charter boat out to sea, or fly fish in Alaskan rivers, it has the same majestic effect.

For every trip, vacation, or outdoor adventure, you need to construct a checklist of important items.  These five essential items should be on the checklist for your next fishing trip.

1. Waders

Fly fisherman value this clothing item. Good waders protect your legs from extended exposure to cold waters when fly fishing in rivers. They give you the necessary support to withstand the rushing currents when catching your first wild salmon. They fortify your legs against the changing weather.

There are numerous benefits to waders.  They create a more convenient fishing experience when navigating through water.  There are also different types such as breathable chest waders which keep you dryer longer.

If you’re a serious fisherman or a novice eager to start this new hobby, waders make a world of difference in the quality of your fishing experience.

2. Polarized Sunglasses

Great polarized sunglasses benefit every fisherman.  You’ll encounter sunshine in the early mornings, days, and evenings. You need to protect your eyes from extended sun exposure while fishing.

Polarized sunglasses deflect the glare from the sun while steering your boat in the ocean or on a lake. While navigating over tough currents and waves, you need clear vision for a safe journey.

They also protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, so make sure you shop sunglasses from backcountry.com before departing on your fishing trip.

3. Sun Protection

When fishing, you spend countless hours under the sun. Protection from the sun is essential for all fishermen. This includes hats, sunscreen, and covering your body with SPF fortified clothing.

Hats are more than a fashion statement or your attempt to hide a balding head. They protect your balding head, face, and neck from damaging sun rays.

You must wear water resistant and strong SPF sunscreen wherever your fish.  Every ninety minutes you should reapply sunscreen. Ongoing protection from the sun ensures a healthier fishing experience. You don’t want to return from the fishing trip dehydrated, sunburnt, or with sun poisoning.

Remember that the sun’s ultraviolet rays still affect your skin on overcast cloudy days.

4. The Right Fishing Pole

The pole you use for a deep sea fishing trip and for fly fishing are drastically different.

You want a pole that’s light enough for you to handle, but has enough weight to haul in an oversized fish.  You don’t want your fishing pole to snap into two pieces when reeling in a large catch.

If you’re a first timer when it comes to fly fishing, then consult the local fishing shops for advice. The local store owners know more about the type of fish, best bait, and proper equipment for your trips.

5. Fish Finder

You want to escape work, daily annoyances, and technology when fishing, but don’t ignore this helpful tool.  When fishing on a lake, it scans the area beneath your boat and gives a fairly accurate estimate of fish below.

Experienced fishermen might laugh at this tool, but it will help new fisherman adjust.