Durham is a part of the Greater Toronto Area, but even if it is a small locality, it is one of the most interesting and visited. it is one of the most desired places to live in the entire world, because of the charming natural sightseeing and because of warm people that live here. the Lake Ontario makes it so special, and this is why the tourism around the area developed greatly.

The city also has the advantage to be connected with Toronto with a Freeway, which makes it accessible for tourists. Whether we are talking about Toronto citizens that want to spend a quiet weekend far from the metropolis, or about tourists coming here for a longer period, Oshawa is the town to be.

The southern side of Oshawa is the most interesting one. Here, you will see the most beautiful houses, with a great view on the lake. Since this city is placed in a natural harbor it is an attractive market and you will find a lot of  houses for sale in Oshawa in the Southern part of it. you will be charmed by the small but classy boats, but also by the green spaces and great water.

Durham Tourism: Why Is This Place Preferred By Tourists?

Pickering on the other hand is not such a big city, but when it comes to parks, it has more than many other bigger cities. You can take a walk in the Iroquois Park, but you can also visit the Lynde Shores Conservation Area, where you will discover wild oasis of green spaces. Pickering Real Estate market is a little slower than Whitby’s so there is a better chance for you to buy a property here.

For history passionate, Whitby also has some interesting attractions. The city is 250 years old, and it was founded by European settlers that found this natural sightseeing as the perfect place to live. As Whitby is not a place that you can easily leave, the majority of people living here during our days are the followers of those founders. This is why every family has an interesting story, so if you choose accommodation at the locals, you will spend an interesting night talking about the history of this city.

The Whitby museum offers many other interesting artifacts and things to see. Even the children will feel good in this museum, which rarely happens in other museums, right?

Even beach activities are possible. Sure, you can’t take a bath unless the weather is really hot, but you can lie in the sun for the entire duration of the summer. The sun here is gentle, so you don’t even need to get in the house at noon. On Iroquois Beach, you will find the most interesting activities, and later, you can take a walk on the Lion’s Promenade. If you are looking at a real estate investment, the prices here compared to houses for sale in Newmarket are quite cheaper.

The Whitby History Museum & Children’s Centre is welcoming with tourists and locals. It is placed in a great natural location, and every person in Whitby can describe any exhibition that exists there. This happens because Whitby citizens are proud of their city, and they are always ready to talk about it with every occasion.

As for accommodation, you don’t need to worry. You can choose a hotel, but the most interesting vacation is made if you decide for countryside accommodation, especially on the lakeshores.