Looking for an exotic place to retire? These 5 places offer paradise and comfort at an affordable price, visit them first and decide where to settle down.

French Villas

France is the perfect location to retire wrapped in romance and mystery. It is possible to find an old villa in France for a surprisingly affordable price (under $100,000 in some cases). The culture of France is ideal for retirees, focusing on enjoying life and embracing love.  In France, you can travel between peaceful villages seemingly stuck in centuries past, and the bustle of the city with the latest technology. France also offers free healthcare to residents.

Rocky Mountains

If you don’t want to leave the USA, the Rocky Mountains are an ideal retirement spot. These mountains feature small towns, breathtaking sites, and mild temperatures. The air is clean, and the noise levels are low. Best of all, the cost of living in Colorado is much less than many other areas in the United States. If you venture away from “tourist” towns, you can save even more. Best of all, RockyMountain towns build a sense of community and friendliness that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


For a South American paradise, try retiring in Argentina. This breathtaking country has plenty of offer retiring individuals, from dance classes, to delicious food, to adventurous trips of all kinds. One bonus to those living in Argentina is that the medical care is only about $200 per month. The quality of care is equal to that of the United States. The government even provides free health care to residents of the nation. It can be difficult getting a permanent visa to Argentina, so you may want to have an additional residents in the United States to divide your time between the residences.

Tuscany Comfort

What better place to retire than Italy? Italy is the worldwide capitol of food, art, culture, and beauty. While living within the bounds of true “Tuscany” in Italy is expensive, any part of Italy is equally beautiful and romantic, and can cost much less. One particular area, Le Marche, offers snow-capped mountains, beautiful vineyards, and amazing beaches. Surprisingly enough, this location is much cheaper than many other Italian cities. You can live in Italy with an income as low as $30,000 per year, which is one of the lowest requirements of any place in the entire world.

Relaxing Costa Rica

Retiring In The Paradise: The Best Places In The World

Costa Rica is a popular retirement paradise due to its beauty, inexpensive living, and spirit of adventure. By far the best thing about Costa Rica real estate is that both buying and renting property is extremely affordable, and there are many different types of property available to choose from. From as little as $1000, you can live in a gorgeous beach home, or condo in this wonderful location. If you want to retire somewhere that gets a lot of sun and has a relaxed atmosphere—Costa Rica is the perfect place for you.

When you retire to one of these places, you will be able to enjoy your twilight years in comfort and have the best time of your life.