Do you think it’s impossible to find restaurants that meet your needs? Whether you’re concerned about eco-friendly restaurants or want to visit vegan restaurants, there are ways to hunt down restaurants that have the same values as you do. Through a bit of research, you can find new places to eat that meet green living standards.


Check Out the Company’s Website

Any restaurant that offers eco-friendly dining is usually proud to mention that in the about section of their website. The important thing is that you know what matters to you. Do you want a restaurant that uses local ingredients that are organically grown or do you want a restaurant that finds ways to save energy? You may even be looking for vegan or vegetarian restaurants. Once you know what you’re looking for you can search the internet for restaurants in your area that match these terms and then check out the restaurant’s website for more information.

Read Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant reviews are incredibly important. Just because a restaurant makes claims to being eco-friendly or using local ingredients doesn’t mean those claims are true. You may even find out that the local ingredients make up less than 10% of the ingredients the restaurant uses. You may even find startling facts such as an all-vegan restaurant serving non-vegan dishes. Reviews can be valuable sources of information for people that have strong values and want to support restaurants that share those values. You may even want to contact delivery services like to see if they can direct you towards their fan favorites.

Visit the Green Restaurant Association’s Website

A wonderful resource for those looking for green restaurants is Dine Green, which is a website ran by the Green Restaurant Association. The website lists the standards they use to rate a restaurant and you can search restaurants based on rating. The website seems to cater to larger cities. For example, a search of restaurants located in North Carolina resulted in restaurants located in Asheville and Charlotte. The site works with restaurants to help them become more eco-friendly and is an excellent resource for finding green restaurants.

We all have values. Many of us today strive to live a greener lifestyle and we know that everything we do, even eating out, can be tailored to meet our values. If you want to eat at a restaurant that follows green living standards, take the time to research your options. If you live near a larger city, chances are you’ll have quite a few. Above all though, make sure to read customer reviews. Just because a restaurant makes claims to operating under certain values, doesn’t mean they actually do.